Moving Day!

>> Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And a Happy New Year! Tia Nicole Photography has moved! Please find me at

Have a great day!!


Luna's all grown up!

>> Sunday, April 10, 2011

I haven't posted a new blog in 4 months.. which is the amount of time it takes for my dog to gain about 40 pounds. So instead of her being a floppy, clumsy little dog, she's now a very large version of the same thing.

Since the last post, I have learned Luna: is completely disinterested in balls and frisbees, does not have a protective bone in her body, can't walk down my stairs without tripping, knows how to sit and stay REALLY well (see photos below), has terrible gas, eats her own poop, thinks another dog growling = playtime, has lesions on her eyes (will have an update after the vet next week), is partially deaf, loves Rylynn but the feeling is not reciprocated, likes watching tv- especially Glee, still eats food like it's her last meal, can't jump on my bed or couch, is not a big fan of swimming... and despite the many quirky flaws she's still knows exactly what to do to melt even the most soulless person's heart.

I've also noticed the people Luna meets in public will almost always give some interpretation of what they believe she looks like. My favorites are: snuffaluffagus, sprocket from fraggle rock, clifford the big red dog, a muppet, or usually just some sort of a bear- live or stuffed :)

Despite her expensive vet bills and somewhat annoying habits she's brought me many laughs. Can't help but love this girl! Hope you enjoy the photos--

One of Luna's favorite things to do is sit and stay. She picked it up pretty young and seems to be just as excited about it as she ever has. The next couple photos are the ones I got of her running towards me.. which is a clumsy, frantic sort of motion. Makes me smile every time :)
Gotta love that face

More photos to come! Also stay tuned-- I'm going to be reorganizing my smugmug page to make print purchases easier. Unfortunately, I don't have time for anymore portrait sessions or weddings, but I'll still be taking scenic photos that will be available for various printing options (including canvas).


(Almost) White Christmas

>> Monday, December 27, 2010

The title of this blog is deceiving since I don't actually have any photos of our post Christmas snowfall. Well, except a couple from my phone...

Hopefully if we get any more snow this year my neighbors will actually be in town to enjoy the snow! Honestly it was more like slush than snow anyway so I pretty much decided to use the day to catch up on cleaning. Gotta have those every now and then.

Christmas came and went really fast this year. So fast that I somehow forgot my camera. I'm not sure how that is even possible but on some level I was glad to be able to just relax and let everyone do the shooting for once. Here are just a couple from last Sunday with my mom's family-

My girl is getting huge!!

Finally, I've gotten around to decorating for Christmas. I kind of went all out on the tree this year since next year I'll have less open space. I'll be getting my white bookshelves sometime in January and then the livingroom will be mostly finished. My next project is the half-bath and my bedroom. Will hopefully have before and after pics up in a couple months. More than ready to get going with all of this!

I have no idea why the lights on my Christmas tree look blue. I could only find the halogen lights this year at target so for whatever reason when you photograph them this is the way they appear.
My coworker made this. Pretty cool.
This is an ornament I got from a friend the Christmas before we graduated from Clemson in 2005. Nice to finally be able to use it!
Another cool gift from a coworker!
She's getting great at posing. Waiting for those puppy modeling offers start streaming in ;)

I hope all of you had a really wonderful Christmas! Stay safe and ring in 2011 with style.


Lee and William!

>> Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gotta first start out by saying that I think the very best part of photography is having the opportunity to shoot some of your friend's biggest life events. I've known Lee since elementary school. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. We're talking lunch boxes, hello kitty, Lisa and Frank, duckhead shirts, hot pink socks and leg warmers. You get the idea. Anyway, I got to go through all of that with Lee and now I'm getting to photograph her hanging out with the man she will be with the rest of her life. I just think that's kinda cool.

These are a few of my favorite shots from our engagement shoot at the Riverwalk. We barely caught the last of the autumn colors, but I think some of the semi-winter environment made an interesting backdrop as well. Hope you enjoy.

Check out the rest here!


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