Take THAT SEC!! We don't want you!

>> Friday, December 7, 2007

Let me just say real quick that I LOVE that Arkansas keeps getting rejected by the ACC. Even North Carolina! Wow.



I don't even know who reads this blog besides Peter, but....

>> Thursday, December 6, 2007

If you could buy/rent a place that was a standard price regardless of location (this is completely hypothetical), would you live closer to or within a city? Within a major suburban hub? Somewhere more rural?


I am completely serious. I'm researching market-value influences on residential location choices. Just a quick answer is fine.

I appreciate it! :)


>> Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I could easily talk about the drama of the day which was the insanity that is Tommy Bowden. But I won't. My brain is mush. I'm really tired. Grad school is hard. I just need to vent. I can barely keep my eyes open just writing this.. so I'm going to bed.

I turned in my paper today so all I need to do now is focus on my final on Friday and my next paper due Monday and my presentation tomorrow and how I'm going to get to class in the snow/rain/slush. I really need to learn the bus schedule---

Exactly 1 week until DC! 


Just harmless bannertering

>> Friday, November 30, 2007

If you can't read it, the billboard says "He (Coach Spurrier) told me that they aren't going to lose to Clemson again." - Rodney Paulk, USC linebacker

At the bottom it says "Paid for by the Jackson family"... I have a hunch my family knows this Jackson family.. I would like to meet them

The chicken curse lives on! Unfortunately for us it gave Tommy a 3 year contract extension. The official Clemson/USC record is now 64-37-4. USC only needs to win the next 27 years in a row to match up the record. But then again they may be able to do it if Spurrier can live to coach as long as Paterno. Who knows, I'm just saying it could happen. Unless they lose him to Duke.

This is what the state had to say about it-

note- The original article that was up this morning is now gone. I guess the news team felt they needed to update since the family has already changed the sign! I'm really bummed bc I wanted to see it when I went home for Christmas. 

This snippet was still embedded in the bottom of the article... the entire state of SC is pretty redneck when it comes to sports.

"This comes less than a week after a Chapin man says his dog was spray-painted orange the night after the Clemson win. Orange tiger paw prints were also painted on the man's road."

Poor dog.. that article is pretty funny too. I can just hear a Chapin man saying this:

"Eventually it's go come out. In a small community like Chapin, it's go come out. Somebody's go talk about what they did and putting Tiger paws down, so it eventually will come out". 

And I will leave the Clemson/Carolina rivalry of 2007 with this. An example of a true die-hard USC fan at his finest. Introducing.... my brother:

And then there's the more classy and adorable Clemson fans. 
My little cousins. Enough said.


Get ready...

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can Clemson fans possibly be frustrated enough at Tommy to WANT us to lose to USC so that he will be fired? That would be a first...

I have to admit I'm on the fence. I can't possibly imagine ever wanting us to lose to our biggest rival, but then again I might not be devastated if I know it means a change for Clemson.

Then again, can we do better than Tommy? I'm a little nervous about that as well...

We shall see! Go Tigers! 


absolutely heartbreaking

>> Monday, November 19, 2007

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Matt Ryan just has that aura about him. Unfortunately for Clemson, so do the Tigers.
Give Ryan a few minutes on the clock, a field to drive and the game on the line -- and there's nobody better in college football.

Give Clemson a clear path to the ACC championship game, a home crowd rocking at the decibel level of an AC/DC concert and a chance to finally break through under Tommy Bowden -- and it's the same ol' Tigers.



>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I went down to Clemson for the Wake Forest game and had the time of my life. I hung out with people that I haven't seen in about 2 years and it felt like none of us ever left. It's sooo wonderful to feel that comfortable with a group of people.

I had started wondering if I am too obsessed with Clemson football....but then I realized this weekend that it has little to do with the actual team (gasp!). Don't get me wrong- I really do love college football... I love the stats and the dirty politics... I love watching the head on collisions when the crowd cringes all at once...I love screaming at the refs...

But the best part is feeling a part of a family. It's so great to just look at one of your friends right after a big play or a bad call and know exactly what the other person is thinking. Or getting random text messages during the game from someone sitting 5 rows down...

Clemson will always have a huge chunk of my heart.. but only for the 20 or so people that I hold so dear. The rest of the school and students I could care less about. But being able to crowd into a small (college-like) apartment 45 mins outside of Clemson and watch your rival team get killed by Florida with 15 of your favorites is not going to be matched by many other life experiences.

So, this weekend I get to do it all over again at the BC game!! I couldn't be happier. If Clemson goes to the ACC championship game this year I'll have to do something obsurd. Must think of something over the next 4 days...

Until then, Go Tigers!!


new post soon!

>> Monday, November 12, 2007

"South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier led Florida to the 1996 national championship and won six SEC titles as coach of his alma mater. This season, Spurrier sits in the captain's chair of one of the worst collapses in recent SEC history.

Less than a month ago, the Gamecocks were 6-1 and ranked sixth in the country. Now they've lost four games in a row and are in danger of being left out of a bowl game if they don't beat No. 15 Clemson on Nov. 24. If South Carolina doesn't beat the Tigers, it will finish 6-6. It is Spurrier's first four-game losing streak since his first season as a college coach at Duke in 1987."


the new ACC lineup...

>> Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm redoing the ACC roster. The current one sucks. Here goes:

The North Carolina schools should officially focus on basketball. They will never ever be at top 10 level so they should just stop trying. We will take West Virginia and Rutgers to take the place of Duke and UNC. We will let Wake Forest stay for now.. but if they're not at a consistent top 25 level by 2009 we're going to bump them for Vandy. I'll give Vandy a decent shot on this one.

We're going to trade Florida State for South Florida. This may be a mistake, but South Florida has the momentum at the moment and this roster reflects the "cinderella conference". I think that could go over well.

Is there any way we could get away with stealing Oregon too? We can just call them the "Other Coastal Conference section of the ACC". We'll take them in Miami's place.

So here it is:

Boston College
Virginia (I'll be bias this time)
Virginia Tech
West Virginia
South Florida
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest


let's take a walk...or a hike

This morning I went hiking with about 15 mormon friends of my class-mate, Bartley! It was kind of random but a really great time! Hopefully fall will stick around a little longer but I have a feeling this might be it. Hope you all enjoy!

Peter look! It's my new Mormon friend, Peter! You will never be replaced, though. Impossible :)

Check out the northwest corner to see humpback rocks. Good times!


in-fill project for Cville

>> Friday, November 2, 2007

So we're working on this really cool infill project for one of my planning classes and I've been getting into the sketching thing. I know you can't really tell what the illustrations are but they have to do with a new bridge we are proposing for an area of Charlottesville that needs revitalization. The bridge is going to connect the old Martha Jefferson hospital to the new MJ hospital on the Southwest area of the county. We're hoping to make the bridge pedestrian and bike friendly, to create a riverwalk area that would draw in nice restaurants and shops, to preserve the residential area near the bridge for affordable housing, and to encorporate progressive homes and shops with green roofs, etc.
Soon I'll have a new sketch that will be a better demonstration of exactly how we propose our new vision for the area. It should be a fun project!
I haven't posted any pictures in a while, which is most of the reason why I started this blog. I'll hopefully have some soon since we're going hiking in the morning off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yay for fall!


Couldn't say it better myself

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What did I say just 2 posts ago about Clemson's national reputation? Amazing.

from ESPN.com-

Boston College-Clemson (18), Nov. 17, in Clemson. The Tigers are just talented enough to pull the upset here and potentially derail the Matt Ryan Heisman Express. They're also just erratic enough to precede that by losing at Duke this Saturday. That unpredictability should make this a must watch.




>> Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Navy Mistakenly Drops Dummy Bomb In Virginia BeachVIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (CBS) ―

The Navy said a small, inert training bomb fell Tuesday from an fighter jet that was heading to Oceana Naval Air Station. No one was hurt.
The Navy said the bomb landed near a warehouse in the resort city of Virginia Beach. Minimal damage was reported.
The F/A-18C Hornet was returning to Oceana following a training mission at the Navy's bombing range in Dare County, N.C., when it dropped the bomb. The jet landed safely.
Naval authorities were investigating.



In memory...

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

This has been such a sad 2 days for the palmetto state. My brother is taking the tragedy in Ocean Isle especially hard. I couldn't imagine losing several friends my freshman year of college. It's insane to imagine what the Virginia Tech students had to go through. It's encouraging to see the level of support that the hokies have provided to the South Carolina students on facebook, as well as all of the other students throughout the state. Hard times definitely seem to unite people, however unfortunate that may be.


On a lighter note, our tigers are beginning to play again. We managed to finally break the top 25 for the first time in over 3 weeks. I'm still a little annoyed though. We haven't had any real tests this year except for VT.. and that game was down-right embarrassing in the first half. We don't seem to take any chances.. almost always playing down to the level of the other team (GT!). If we don't improve our special teams and our running game (though our o-line is finally starting to look decent) I don't think we have much of a chance to beat Boston College and USC this year. If Clemson shows up then there is always potential, but we tend to decide that as we go. I'm starting to think Tommy should just be allowed a couple of more years to prove himself. Maybe less than 2 seasons. We should be playing at the SEC level. If Spurrier can take mediocre talent and a fairly recent 14 game losing streak and be able to beat Georgia, Kentucky and almost Tennessee in one year, Tommy should be able to beat teams like GT and Maryland (last year) with great talent. We don't play SEC level football. We play ACC level football with a SEC caliber team. I have been wondering recently whether or not we could play to our potential in a conference like the SEC... having to actually prepare for a winning season in a challenging conference. But then again I was hoping that if SC started to improve with Spurrier that it could only help our team since we usually take that game seriously, even after playing horrible all year. Evidently it's still not enough to motivate Clemson to take most of the ACC and other teams seriously (though we did have a higher win margin with the first couple of games this season than last).

So is it a coaching problem or an overall attitude problem? Clemson is known for the 1 or 2 games a year where we will undoubtedly choke. (Classic example- the year we beat #3 Florida State we lost to Duke). If we knew we didn't have push-over teams to play every year that we could consider guaranteed wins, would our guys' practice routine look different? Or would Tommy try harder to create diverse and creative plays that would stretch our team throughout the season?
Who knows, but until we can have just one year that we can beat all of the crappy teams in our conference I guess we don't deserve to move into a more difficult one (not that I think the conference moving would ever really happen). So what's the big solution? How does Clemson gain back its respect as a powerhouse football team and not just some school that usually gets mentioned at the beginning of every season and during the bowden bowl (though the bowden bowl is not even an impressive game anymore... so sad).

I would appreciate suggestions! Ciao for now!


Sirens and such

>> Thursday, October 25, 2007

So, funny story. This morning I woke up to the BLARING sound of my smoke alarm (as well as every other smoke alarm in the house) at about 5:55 AM. It was the loudest, most shrilly noise I have ever heard in my life! (This coming from a person who has in the past actually slept through more than one smoke alarm). So, the first thing I think is that i did something in my dream to cause the alarm it to go off, and that I needed to go in the kitchen and grab a chair so that I can pull the thing out of the wall. Then I realized that it wasn't a dream and I would actually maybe need to vacate my house. Since I didn't smell smoke I guess I thought it was ok to go through all of my shoes in the dark (why turn on a light?) to find a matching pair, as well as some other needed clothing items. I then went upstairs to see what Joc and Jen thought of the whole thing and we stood in Jen's room talking about what to do for about 10 minutes! Good thing it wasn't an actual fire or we would have be SOL. So finally we decide to call the fire department since we couldn't do anything to make the alarm turn off. And then it finally occurred to us that there could be an electrical problem in the basement of our ginormous house that we had forgotten to check.

Finally the fire truck came, lights and sirens and all, to our quiet little dark house while we were bundled up in Jen's car outside. We had to wake our neighbor to let her know what the deal was.. since we knew there was no way in Hades that she could possibly not hear that noise.

The fireman finally concluded that there was a technical problem with the smoke detector in the basement and said there was no way he could turn it off. He actually asked Joc if she had a hammer and that he could probably just break it (aren't they supposed to at least have an axe or something?) Finally he put the detector in a cookie jar that was sitting in our basement and said we just needed to call the landlord and have it replaced.

So for the rest of the day my poor roommates had to deal with the broken alarm (albeit muffled) while I was at work here at Peyton house.

I find it all amusing since I have had an extremely sleep deprived week and a never ending paper that must be finished by tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Oh well, so is life! At least I get to hang out in DC this weekend with some really awesome people and hopefully watch my tigers pull out a big conference win! (sarcasm.. but sadly it might actually turn into a big conference win)

That's all. Back to the paper. Only 4 pages to go!



>> Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why is it that just when things start to get better, you kind of want to cry?? Why am I feeling these feelings all of the sudden? It's amazing how the mind can prevent emotions until you see a hope for betterness. There were times in the past couple of months that I started to feel the emotions building but I managed to hold them back out of necessity not to break down. Now I'm almost welcoming them. I think there are happy tears mixed in. I went to an amazing church this morning and made some really great friends and I feel like God is just pushing me to wait and listen. I came to Charlottesville for a reason. I feel like I'm so much more open to new things.. not so afraid of those things that are foreign. And on top of that I kind of want to cry bc I think my computer has a virus. That really sucks.

Reason NOT to cry- Clemson scored more points in the game against Central Michigan (14-70) than we have in 26 years! So that's pretty awesome. Yet we're still not ranked. Who knows.


Transitions II

>> Friday, October 19, 2007

Charlottesville is awesome! I'm kind of in phase 2 of the transition period. I think of phase 3 as pretty much fully adjusted. I would say in DC I was at phase 2.5 before I left.

It's great that this time I have something to base my transition process on. Like working on the things I procrastinated doing in DC. I'm also not going out nearly as much which puts me behind just a little in the networking game but I just feel like this time I'm waiting to network with the right type of people.

And beyond that, I really love planning! I'm excited about a new area in the field just about every week.. so hopefully that means I'll find a job I really like in at least one of those areas.

Some cool things this week-

  • I found an awesome new study spot that has free printing! (quite a big deal here)
  • I discovered the C-ville market and it may be enough reason to stay if I get an awesome job offer
  • South Florida lost (but unfortunately that helps South Carolina)
  • Neighbors are fun
  • The Office, though not quite as funny as last year I'm excited to see where the season's going



>> Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yesterday I bought my plane ticket to Portland for January. Now I'm procrastinating from my 15 pg. research paper by telling you about it.. but it feels awesome!!

Besides the fact that Portland is brutally cold in the winter... but that's ok, it'll keep me from wanting to move back permanently once I spend the summer of my life there.

Go Ducks!! =)


For Peter-

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A- Attached or single: single
B- Best Friend: Kristin, Sarah, Jen.. pretty much my roommates
C- Cake or Pie: Apple Pie.. though I love cupcakes too! ;)
D- Day of Choice: Saturday.. or Sunday...or all weekend
E- Essential item: food
F- Favorite color: by now I would have to go with orange
G- Gummi bears or worms: sour worms
H- Hometown- South Con!
I- Indulgences: facebook, coffee
J- January or July: is this a serious question? Definitely July!
K- Kids- When I can afford them
L- Life is Incomplete Without: College football, summer, mountains
M- Marriage date: who knows
N- Number of siblings: 1 brother
O- Oranges or Apples: definitely apples! Preferably from Carter's Mountain
P- Phobias or Fears: not many according to my mom
Q- Quotes: "Charrlliiieeee" "Shunn the non-believer!"
R- Reason to smile: Georgia... when she wakes up from her nap happy to see me
S- Season- all but winter
T- Tag three- I don't know 3! Kristin? :)
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I usually have no idea what I'm doing, but somehow it seems like I do
V- Vegetarian or Meat-Eater: Proud meat-eater! though I don't eat much besides seafood and chicken
W- Worst habbit: procrastinating with stuff like this
X- X-rays or Ultrasounds: thankfully haven't had to experience either at this point
Y- Your favorite food: they couldn't come up with something better than "your"? ha- I guess shrimp and fried okra/squash.. yumm
Z- Zodiac- I don't even remember


>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

UVA Frat guy: You went you Clemson? Your stadium is really loud! Isn't football at your school supposed to be really intense?

Me: Yeah.....

If only we could live up to our level of talent. Tear.



>> Sunday, September 2, 2007

11 hours, 26 minutes until kick-off!!!


Live on ESPN - 9/2 @ 8:00

This is a VERY important game for us!! Everyone needs to tune in~


a new post as requested...

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First- grad school is awesome!

2nd- A picture from this past weekend. This doesn't begin to sum up all of the amazing rock concerts at the beach but this is one of the things I did-

Old Town waterfront

We had orientation yesterday. It was an all day event- from 8:00 until 11:00 if you count the breakfast and happy hour. Basically there are about 21 people in my program, all around my age with similar backgrounds.

Everyone is very nice and environmentally conscious. Example- we are having a bagel breakfast tomorrow and they want us to bring our own mugs to cut down on waste. It's a good way to stay accountable anyway. Pretty much everyone is from the Northeast with the exception of a couple from the West, maybe 5 or so from VA and 3 of us from the Carolinas (including me). The second year students have a larger class- about 25. They are a fun group and quick to get us out and socialized. It's a busy program so it is understood that we are all going to stick through this thing to the end (while spending every free minute together).

There are I think 7 people who are coming from DC and of them many worked in politics. 2 others who worked on the Hill. I am definitely the only person to work for a Republican but I think everyone generally appreciates the experience and doesn't care. We are all around 24 or 25 years old. I'm starting to feel really good about having my 2 years of work experience behind me!

I absolutely love the faculty. They are extremely easy to talk to and willing to spend time with us. The courses offered seem really interesting. I'm taking a second year class this semester so that I can do a study abroad next Fall. I think it's kind of crazy to have to plan for all of that now but definitely right up my alley! I love planning ahead. Probably too much. We're all fighting to get into this international development course that is already full. A guest lecturer is teaching it so it won't be offered again. Still, we are able to petition to the faculty to try to get it back on the schedule for the following semester. It's nice to be a part of a program that is so flexible and accomodating to the students.

I've also realized how small Charlottesville really is. Considering I've met about 40 people in the last 2 days I can't seem to go anywhere without running into one of them. I like that. Makes me kind of feel like I'm back in Clemson.

My schedule is going to be packed- Class Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-4 with a 2 hour break inbetween (which I will probably be using to do my work study). I babysit every Tuesday from 8-5. I'm skipping one of my Friday classes since it overlaps with the class I need to take to do my study abroad. My prof simply doesn't care and said I should be able to catch up online. I love grad school! Thursdays I have free but will probably be doing random assignments for my work study to fulfill my hours and actual school work (gasp). On the weekends I'll be catching up but definitely getting plenty hours of play in. I forgot what it's like to have a full time job plus some. It will be a little more flexible than an office job but not much considering all of my classes are in the same building- where I will be spending my time in class pretty much from 9-5. Then I have the actual assignments to do when I leave. Still, I am pretty excited about working hard at something I'm interested in.. with people I am going to be REALLY close to by the end of this semester.

I'm glad that I'm writing this post bc I know really soon I will be griping about all of the work. I need something to look back on to remind me of why I am wanting to do this.

Hopefully I'll have more fun and interesting things to say about my program soon. For right now these are the logistics. I haven't even touched on how much I love planning and how excited I am about what I'll be learning. I'm sure the topics will be unavoidable in the future.

On a lighter note, pictures to look at!

Waterfront, Blue Ridge Parkway

Flowers from my old neighborhood in Old Town



>> Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For old times sake, I have to write a journal entry while I am in Murky Coffee in DC. It's crazy looking back on the past two years since I first discovered this coffee shop. Not much has actually changed inside. There is new art on the wall, but that is a fairly regular biweekly change. The wall color is different but the tone has switched back and forth from a reddish orange to off-white. I think they mostly pick the color based on the kind of art they wish to display. The billboard is different. As well as the prices (shock). But besides that it feels fairly familiar. I see a couple of familiar faces- people I regrettably never met but often saw. I wonder now if it would be weird to finally introduce myself.

It's amazing the things that have happened since I became a devout customer of Murky. I have changed jobs 3 times- from bartender to legal assistant to staff assistant. I have lived in three different locations in the northern virginia area. I have collected a few more shoes, but not many. I have realized that I am a horrible speller. I have attended 4 different churches. I have been on 3 "dates" and maybe a thousand unofficial dates. I have lost 2 friends to accidents and gained 2 new baby cousins (soon to be 3). I have also lost my golden retriever, Gabby, to a very tragic occurrence. I have watched my brother enter and walk out of his first serious relationship, as well as begin his freshman year of college. I have quit 2 different restaurant jobs. I have applied for financial aid. I have gone mountain biking for the first time since college. I have picked a career path and have so far stuck to it. I changed my political preference from mostly conservative to liberal to maybe libertarian. I have begun to use a half pack of splenda in my coffee with a pack of regular sugar. My favorite coffee has remained a skinny caramel latte in a mug--which I am having right now. I have watched my best friend finish her masters and move to Florida. I have started babysitting for the first time in my life, and found myself better and worse at it than I thought I would be. I have fallen back in love with the mountains. I have become very annoyed and no longer entertained by the hookup culture. I have enrolled in graduate classes. I have a new cell phone and returned to the primitive nextel that I have always known (and hated). I have lost and gained back and lost my southern accent. I have become a full-fledged devotee to TJ Maxx. I have stopped drinking sweet tea. I have watched my savings drop to under $100. I have realized that rules can be a good thing. I have learned that Charlottesville is the city that "Hooville" was designed after. I have met Boyd Tinsley. I have started playing tennis and no longer hit the ball over the fence. I still don't wear pearls but I DID buy a pair of boat shoes for work. I have become accustomed to having many Ivy League friends. Happiness is definitely a state of mind. I am slightly neurotic. Home really isn't that bad of a place. I have learned how much I miss Clemson football and wish I would have appreciated it more when I could walk to the games. My faith in God has been tested, refined and stretched but ultimately remains the same....with many questions still lurking. I have discovered that I really enjoy reading National Geographic on the elliptical machine. I have fallen in love with the Postal Service and was devastated when I found out they were not a real band. I have not left the country but was able to visit Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Boston, Providence, Key West, San Fransisco and Virginia Beach for the first time, on top of many places I have been before. The Office is the best show ever made. I have attended a derby for the first time and definitely plan on doing it again. I can finally admit that seersucker is kind of cute. I have discovered that UGA must be a really fun school. And finally, after much concentrated and scrutinizing thought, I have decided that fuchsia is my favorite color.



>> Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As a returning blogger, I am hoping to use this blog to facilitate some new uses. One being my new Nikon D40 that I'm going to try to use to finally improve and hone in on some of my photography skills. I definitely welcome and encourage your critique.

On a less boring note, I like to blog about trips and random happenings and there will surely be many to come in the next 2 years that I'm in graduate school at UVA. Real quick blurb- I graduated from Clemson in May 2005, moved to DC to "find myself" and eventually somehow found my way onto Capitol Hill. I applied to graduate school as I was approaching a year at my job and was accepted to UVA and Virginia Tech for a Masters in Urban Planning. I then had a very hard decision to make since I could have stayed in DC and began a great program at the VT campus near my house, or followed my dream to move to Charlottesville and become a Cavalier. It wasn't so much of a dream as a genuine love of the area and a craving to be near the mountains. Both schools had a lot to offer and finally as the last minute approached I chose UVA and started to plan my going away party.

The main reason I chose Planning was to be able to use my background in Psychology to work to improve the social environment that is found in diverse areas with high and low income residents. When I was young I was very involved in World Changers which was a revitalization ministry that improved not only the homes but focused on the well being and mental health of the residents. I also really enjoy the multifaceted career that comes with planning. Since I have looked more into this field, I have found myself more and more interested in city design, transportation, historic preservation and the environment and sustainability. Having a background in politics has helped to show me the importance of this field and the responsibility that all citizens hold to help those around us. I also still hope to one day work with international development projects, even if just short term. There is a lot of work to do in the U.S. still, but I would love to use my desire to travel to make a difference overseas.

In the next two years I expect to do an internship out West, preferably in Portland, Oregon, and study city design and planning in Venice, Italy. I will most likely use this blog to document my trips.

Also, as I am a very random person, I will definitely be posting about my weekly adventures. Interesting situations seem to find me and if I feel that they are appropriate enough to blog about online, you will be able to share them with me.

Finally, I hope to extend my thanks to my good friend, Peter Dorsch, for offering up the name to this fabulous new blog. Hope y'all enjoy!


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