>> Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For old times sake, I have to write a journal entry while I am in Murky Coffee in DC. It's crazy looking back on the past two years since I first discovered this coffee shop. Not much has actually changed inside. There is new art on the wall, but that is a fairly regular biweekly change. The wall color is different but the tone has switched back and forth from a reddish orange to off-white. I think they mostly pick the color based on the kind of art they wish to display. The billboard is different. As well as the prices (shock). But besides that it feels fairly familiar. I see a couple of familiar faces- people I regrettably never met but often saw. I wonder now if it would be weird to finally introduce myself.

It's amazing the things that have happened since I became a devout customer of Murky. I have changed jobs 3 times- from bartender to legal assistant to staff assistant. I have lived in three different locations in the northern virginia area. I have collected a few more shoes, but not many. I have realized that I am a horrible speller. I have attended 4 different churches. I have been on 3 "dates" and maybe a thousand unofficial dates. I have lost 2 friends to accidents and gained 2 new baby cousins (soon to be 3). I have also lost my golden retriever, Gabby, to a very tragic occurrence. I have watched my brother enter and walk out of his first serious relationship, as well as begin his freshman year of college. I have quit 2 different restaurant jobs. I have applied for financial aid. I have gone mountain biking for the first time since college. I have picked a career path and have so far stuck to it. I changed my political preference from mostly conservative to liberal to maybe libertarian. I have begun to use a half pack of splenda in my coffee with a pack of regular sugar. My favorite coffee has remained a skinny caramel latte in a mug--which I am having right now. I have watched my best friend finish her masters and move to Florida. I have started babysitting for the first time in my life, and found myself better and worse at it than I thought I would be. I have fallen back in love with the mountains. I have become very annoyed and no longer entertained by the hookup culture. I have enrolled in graduate classes. I have a new cell phone and returned to the primitive nextel that I have always known (and hated). I have lost and gained back and lost my southern accent. I have become a full-fledged devotee to TJ Maxx. I have stopped drinking sweet tea. I have watched my savings drop to under $100. I have realized that rules can be a good thing. I have learned that Charlottesville is the city that "Hooville" was designed after. I have met Boyd Tinsley. I have started playing tennis and no longer hit the ball over the fence. I still don't wear pearls but I DID buy a pair of boat shoes for work. I have become accustomed to having many Ivy League friends. Happiness is definitely a state of mind. I am slightly neurotic. Home really isn't that bad of a place. I have learned how much I miss Clemson football and wish I would have appreciated it more when I could walk to the games. My faith in God has been tested, refined and stretched but ultimately remains the same....with many questions still lurking. I have discovered that I really enjoy reading National Geographic on the elliptical machine. I have fallen in love with the Postal Service and was devastated when I found out they were not a real band. I have not left the country but was able to visit Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Boston, Providence, Key West, San Fransisco and Virginia Beach for the first time, on top of many places I have been before. The Office is the best show ever made. I have attended a derby for the first time and definitely plan on doing it again. I can finally admit that seersucker is kind of cute. I have discovered that UGA must be a really fun school. And finally, after much concentrated and scrutinizing thought, I have decided that fuchsia is my favorite color.


Derrick August 26, 2007 at 3:00 PM  

This makes me miss writing.

Peter August 28, 2007 at 2:44 PM  

Tia you have to update. I need to know the haps.

Kristin September 2, 2007 at 11:01 PM  

It has been quite a last 2 years! So glad I could share in it even though we you were 12 hours away! Maybe someday soon we'll live in the same city again! Fucshia? I'm surprised, haha

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