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>> Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What did I say just 2 posts ago about Clemson's national reputation? Amazing.


Boston College-Clemson (18), Nov. 17, in Clemson. The Tigers are just talented enough to pull the upset here and potentially derail the Matt Ryan Heisman Express. They're also just erratic enough to precede that by losing at Duke this Saturday. That unpredictability should make this a must watch.



>> Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Navy Mistakenly Drops Dummy Bomb In Virginia BeachVIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (CBS) ―

The Navy said a small, inert training bomb fell Tuesday from an fighter jet that was heading to Oceana Naval Air Station. No one was hurt.
The Navy said the bomb landed near a warehouse in the resort city of Virginia Beach. Minimal damage was reported.
The F/A-18C Hornet was returning to Oceana following a training mission at the Navy's bombing range in Dare County, N.C., when it dropped the bomb. The jet landed safely.
Naval authorities were investigating.



In memory...

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

This has been such a sad 2 days for the palmetto state. My brother is taking the tragedy in Ocean Isle especially hard. I couldn't imagine losing several friends my freshman year of college. It's insane to imagine what the Virginia Tech students had to go through. It's encouraging to see the level of support that the hokies have provided to the South Carolina students on facebook, as well as all of the other students throughout the state. Hard times definitely seem to unite people, however unfortunate that may be.


On a lighter note, our tigers are beginning to play again. We managed to finally break the top 25 for the first time in over 3 weeks. I'm still a little annoyed though. We haven't had any real tests this year except for VT.. and that game was down-right embarrassing in the first half. We don't seem to take any chances.. almost always playing down to the level of the other team (GT!). If we don't improve our special teams and our running game (though our o-line is finally starting to look decent) I don't think we have much of a chance to beat Boston College and USC this year. If Clemson shows up then there is always potential, but we tend to decide that as we go. I'm starting to think Tommy should just be allowed a couple of more years to prove himself. Maybe less than 2 seasons. We should be playing at the SEC level. If Spurrier can take mediocre talent and a fairly recent 14 game losing streak and be able to beat Georgia, Kentucky and almost Tennessee in one year, Tommy should be able to beat teams like GT and Maryland (last year) with great talent. We don't play SEC level football. We play ACC level football with a SEC caliber team. I have been wondering recently whether or not we could play to our potential in a conference like the SEC... having to actually prepare for a winning season in a challenging conference. But then again I was hoping that if SC started to improve with Spurrier that it could only help our team since we usually take that game seriously, even after playing horrible all year. Evidently it's still not enough to motivate Clemson to take most of the ACC and other teams seriously (though we did have a higher win margin with the first couple of games this season than last).

So is it a coaching problem or an overall attitude problem? Clemson is known for the 1 or 2 games a year where we will undoubtedly choke. (Classic example- the year we beat #3 Florida State we lost to Duke). If we knew we didn't have push-over teams to play every year that we could consider guaranteed wins, would our guys' practice routine look different? Or would Tommy try harder to create diverse and creative plays that would stretch our team throughout the season?
Who knows, but until we can have just one year that we can beat all of the crappy teams in our conference I guess we don't deserve to move into a more difficult one (not that I think the conference moving would ever really happen). So what's the big solution? How does Clemson gain back its respect as a powerhouse football team and not just some school that usually gets mentioned at the beginning of every season and during the bowden bowl (though the bowden bowl is not even an impressive game anymore... so sad).

I would appreciate suggestions! Ciao for now!


Sirens and such

>> Thursday, October 25, 2007

So, funny story. This morning I woke up to the BLARING sound of my smoke alarm (as well as every other smoke alarm in the house) at about 5:55 AM. It was the loudest, most shrilly noise I have ever heard in my life! (This coming from a person who has in the past actually slept through more than one smoke alarm). So, the first thing I think is that i did something in my dream to cause the alarm it to go off, and that I needed to go in the kitchen and grab a chair so that I can pull the thing out of the wall. Then I realized that it wasn't a dream and I would actually maybe need to vacate my house. Since I didn't smell smoke I guess I thought it was ok to go through all of my shoes in the dark (why turn on a light?) to find a matching pair, as well as some other needed clothing items. I then went upstairs to see what Joc and Jen thought of the whole thing and we stood in Jen's room talking about what to do for about 10 minutes! Good thing it wasn't an actual fire or we would have be SOL. So finally we decide to call the fire department since we couldn't do anything to make the alarm turn off. And then it finally occurred to us that there could be an electrical problem in the basement of our ginormous house that we had forgotten to check.

Finally the fire truck came, lights and sirens and all, to our quiet little dark house while we were bundled up in Jen's car outside. We had to wake our neighbor to let her know what the deal was.. since we knew there was no way in Hades that she could possibly not hear that noise.

The fireman finally concluded that there was a technical problem with the smoke detector in the basement and said there was no way he could turn it off. He actually asked Joc if she had a hammer and that he could probably just break it (aren't they supposed to at least have an axe or something?) Finally he put the detector in a cookie jar that was sitting in our basement and said we just needed to call the landlord and have it replaced.

So for the rest of the day my poor roommates had to deal with the broken alarm (albeit muffled) while I was at work here at Peyton house.

I find it all amusing since I have had an extremely sleep deprived week and a never ending paper that must be finished by tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Oh well, so is life! At least I get to hang out in DC this weekend with some really awesome people and hopefully watch my tigers pull out a big conference win! (sarcasm.. but sadly it might actually turn into a big conference win)

That's all. Back to the paper. Only 4 pages to go!



>> Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why is it that just when things start to get better, you kind of want to cry?? Why am I feeling these feelings all of the sudden? It's amazing how the mind can prevent emotions until you see a hope for betterness. There were times in the past couple of months that I started to feel the emotions building but I managed to hold them back out of necessity not to break down. Now I'm almost welcoming them. I think there are happy tears mixed in. I went to an amazing church this morning and made some really great friends and I feel like God is just pushing me to wait and listen. I came to Charlottesville for a reason. I feel like I'm so much more open to new things.. not so afraid of those things that are foreign. And on top of that I kind of want to cry bc I think my computer has a virus. That really sucks.

Reason NOT to cry- Clemson scored more points in the game against Central Michigan (14-70) than we have in 26 years! So that's pretty awesome. Yet we're still not ranked. Who knows.


Transitions II

>> Friday, October 19, 2007

Charlottesville is awesome! I'm kind of in phase 2 of the transition period. I think of phase 3 as pretty much fully adjusted. I would say in DC I was at phase 2.5 before I left.

It's great that this time I have something to base my transition process on. Like working on the things I procrastinated doing in DC. I'm also not going out nearly as much which puts me behind just a little in the networking game but I just feel like this time I'm waiting to network with the right type of people.

And beyond that, I really love planning! I'm excited about a new area in the field just about every week.. so hopefully that means I'll find a job I really like in at least one of those areas.

Some cool things this week-

  • I found an awesome new study spot that has free printing! (quite a big deal here)
  • I discovered the C-ville market and it may be enough reason to stay if I get an awesome job offer
  • South Florida lost (but unfortunately that helps South Carolina)
  • Neighbors are fun
  • The Office, though not quite as funny as last year I'm excited to see where the season's going



>> Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yesterday I bought my plane ticket to Portland for January. Now I'm procrastinating from my 15 pg. research paper by telling you about it.. but it feels awesome!!

Besides the fact that Portland is brutally cold in the winter... but that's ok, it'll keep me from wanting to move back permanently once I spend the summer of my life there.

Go Ducks!! =)


For Peter-

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A- Attached or single: single
B- Best Friend: Kristin, Sarah, Jen.. pretty much my roommates
C- Cake or Pie: Apple Pie.. though I love cupcakes too! ;)
D- Day of Choice: Saturday.. or Sunday...or all weekend
E- Essential item: food
F- Favorite color: by now I would have to go with orange
G- Gummi bears or worms: sour worms
H- Hometown- South Con!
I- Indulgences: facebook, coffee
J- January or July: is this a serious question? Definitely July!
K- Kids- When I can afford them
L- Life is Incomplete Without: College football, summer, mountains
M- Marriage date: who knows
N- Number of siblings: 1 brother
O- Oranges or Apples: definitely apples! Preferably from Carter's Mountain
P- Phobias or Fears: not many according to my mom
Q- Quotes: "Charrlliiieeee" "Shunn the non-believer!"
R- Reason to smile: Georgia... when she wakes up from her nap happy to see me
S- Season- all but winter
T- Tag three- I don't know 3! Kristin? :)
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I usually have no idea what I'm doing, but somehow it seems like I do
V- Vegetarian or Meat-Eater: Proud meat-eater! though I don't eat much besides seafood and chicken
W- Worst habbit: procrastinating with stuff like this
X- X-rays or Ultrasounds: thankfully haven't had to experience either at this point
Y- Your favorite food: they couldn't come up with something better than "your"? ha- I guess shrimp and fried okra/squash.. yumm
Z- Zodiac- I don't even remember


>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

UVA Frat guy: You went you Clemson? Your stadium is really loud! Isn't football at your school supposed to be really intense?

Me: Yeah.....

If only we could live up to our level of talent. Tear.


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