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>> Friday, November 30, 2007

If you can't read it, the billboard says "He (Coach Spurrier) told me that they aren't going to lose to Clemson again." - Rodney Paulk, USC linebacker

At the bottom it says "Paid for by the Jackson family"... I have a hunch my family knows this Jackson family.. I would like to meet them

The chicken curse lives on! Unfortunately for us it gave Tommy a 3 year contract extension. The official Clemson/USC record is now 64-37-4. USC only needs to win the next 27 years in a row to match up the record. But then again they may be able to do it if Spurrier can live to coach as long as Paterno. Who knows, I'm just saying it could happen. Unless they lose him to Duke.

This is what the state had to say about it-

note- The original article that was up this morning is now gone. I guess the news team felt they needed to update since the family has already changed the sign! I'm really bummed bc I wanted to see it when I went home for Christmas. 

This snippet was still embedded in the bottom of the article... the entire state of SC is pretty redneck when it comes to sports.

"This comes less than a week after a Chapin man says his dog was spray-painted orange the night after the Clemson win. Orange tiger paw prints were also painted on the man's road."

Poor dog.. that article is pretty funny too. I can just hear a Chapin man saying this:

"Eventually it's go come out. In a small community like Chapin, it's go come out. Somebody's go talk about what they did and putting Tiger paws down, so it eventually will come out". 

And I will leave the Clemson/Carolina rivalry of 2007 with this. An example of a true die-hard USC fan at his finest. Introducing.... my brother:

And then there's the more classy and adorable Clemson fans. 
My little cousins. Enough said.


Get ready...

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can Clemson fans possibly be frustrated enough at Tommy to WANT us to lose to USC so that he will be fired? That would be a first...

I have to admit I'm on the fence. I can't possibly imagine ever wanting us to lose to our biggest rival, but then again I might not be devastated if I know it means a change for Clemson.

Then again, can we do better than Tommy? I'm a little nervous about that as well...

We shall see! Go Tigers! 


absolutely heartbreaking

>> Monday, November 19, 2007

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Matt Ryan just has that aura about him. Unfortunately for Clemson, so do the Tigers.
Give Ryan a few minutes on the clock, a field to drive and the game on the line -- and there's nobody better in college football.

Give Clemson a clear path to the ACC championship game, a home crowd rocking at the decibel level of an AC/DC concert and a chance to finally break through under Tommy Bowden -- and it's the same ol' Tigers.



>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I went down to Clemson for the Wake Forest game and had the time of my life. I hung out with people that I haven't seen in about 2 years and it felt like none of us ever left. It's sooo wonderful to feel that comfortable with a group of people.

I had started wondering if I am too obsessed with Clemson football....but then I realized this weekend that it has little to do with the actual team (gasp!). Don't get me wrong- I really do love college football... I love the stats and the dirty politics... I love watching the head on collisions when the crowd cringes all at once...I love screaming at the refs...

But the best part is feeling a part of a family. It's so great to just look at one of your friends right after a big play or a bad call and know exactly what the other person is thinking. Or getting random text messages during the game from someone sitting 5 rows down...

Clemson will always have a huge chunk of my heart.. but only for the 20 or so people that I hold so dear. The rest of the school and students I could care less about. But being able to crowd into a small (college-like) apartment 45 mins outside of Clemson and watch your rival team get killed by Florida with 15 of your favorites is not going to be matched by many other life experiences.

So, this weekend I get to do it all over again at the BC game!! I couldn't be happier. If Clemson goes to the ACC championship game this year I'll have to do something obsurd. Must think of something over the next 4 days...

Until then, Go Tigers!!


new post soon!

>> Monday, November 12, 2007

"South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier led Florida to the 1996 national championship and won six SEC titles as coach of his alma mater. This season, Spurrier sits in the captain's chair of one of the worst collapses in recent SEC history.

Less than a month ago, the Gamecocks were 6-1 and ranked sixth in the country. Now they've lost four games in a row and are in danger of being left out of a bowl game if they don't beat No. 15 Clemson on Nov. 24. If South Carolina doesn't beat the Tigers, it will finish 6-6. It is Spurrier's first four-game losing streak since his first season as a college coach at Duke in 1987."


the new ACC lineup...

>> Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm redoing the ACC roster. The current one sucks. Here goes:

The North Carolina schools should officially focus on basketball. They will never ever be at top 10 level so they should just stop trying. We will take West Virginia and Rutgers to take the place of Duke and UNC. We will let Wake Forest stay for now.. but if they're not at a consistent top 25 level by 2009 we're going to bump them for Vandy. I'll give Vandy a decent shot on this one.

We're going to trade Florida State for South Florida. This may be a mistake, but South Florida has the momentum at the moment and this roster reflects the "cinderella conference". I think that could go over well.

Is there any way we could get away with stealing Oregon too? We can just call them the "Other Coastal Conference section of the ACC". We'll take them in Miami's place.

So here it is:

Boston College
Virginia (I'll be bias this time)
Virginia Tech
West Virginia
South Florida
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest


let's take a walk...or a hike

This morning I went hiking with about 15 mormon friends of my class-mate, Bartley! It was kind of random but a really great time! Hopefully fall will stick around a little longer but I have a feeling this might be it. Hope you all enjoy!

Peter look! It's my new Mormon friend, Peter! You will never be replaced, though. Impossible :)

Check out the northwest corner to see humpback rocks. Good times!


in-fill project for Cville

>> Friday, November 2, 2007

So we're working on this really cool infill project for one of my planning classes and I've been getting into the sketching thing. I know you can't really tell what the illustrations are but they have to do with a new bridge we are proposing for an area of Charlottesville that needs revitalization. The bridge is going to connect the old Martha Jefferson hospital to the new MJ hospital on the Southwest area of the county. We're hoping to make the bridge pedestrian and bike friendly, to create a riverwalk area that would draw in nice restaurants and shops, to preserve the residential area near the bridge for affordable housing, and to encorporate progressive homes and shops with green roofs, etc.
Soon I'll have a new sketch that will be a better demonstration of exactly how we propose our new vision for the area. It should be a fun project!
I haven't posted any pictures in a while, which is most of the reason why I started this blog. I'll hopefully have some soon since we're going hiking in the morning off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yay for fall!


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