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>> Friday, November 30, 2007

If you can't read it, the billboard says "He (Coach Spurrier) told me that they aren't going to lose to Clemson again." - Rodney Paulk, USC linebacker

At the bottom it says "Paid for by the Jackson family"... I have a hunch my family knows this Jackson family.. I would like to meet them

The chicken curse lives on! Unfortunately for us it gave Tommy a 3 year contract extension. The official Clemson/USC record is now 64-37-4. USC only needs to win the next 27 years in a row to match up the record. But then again they may be able to do it if Spurrier can live to coach as long as Paterno. Who knows, I'm just saying it could happen. Unless they lose him to Duke.

This is what the state had to say about it-

note- The original article that was up this morning is now gone. I guess the news team felt they needed to update since the family has already changed the sign! I'm really bummed bc I wanted to see it when I went home for Christmas. 

This snippet was still embedded in the bottom of the article... the entire state of SC is pretty redneck when it comes to sports.

"This comes less than a week after a Chapin man says his dog was spray-painted orange the night after the Clemson win. Orange tiger paw prints were also painted on the man's road."

Poor dog.. that article is pretty funny too. I can just hear a Chapin man saying this:

"Eventually it's go come out. In a small community like Chapin, it's go come out. Somebody's go talk about what they did and putting Tiger paws down, so it eventually will come out". 

And I will leave the Clemson/Carolina rivalry of 2007 with this. An example of a true die-hard USC fan at his finest. Introducing.... my brother:

And then there's the more classy and adorable Clemson fans. 
My little cousins. Enough said.


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