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>> Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots to say! First, proof that I play polo:

I'm riding Tia. She's a feisty pony and has a little bit of an attitude problem at times, but she's a good polo pony. Maybe even a little too motivated... but at least not lazy!

So, I'm officially breaking the news on blogger that I'm transferring to Virginia Tech. They have an economic and community development focus within their graduate planning program that I think will be much more useful for my future line of work. They also have an economic development certificate that is unique to most APA certified schools. More on that later..

I'll miss Charlottesville. Especially polo and babysitting. Yesterday Brooke asked me for a magazine while she tried to go poopie (she's 2 and potty training). It was so classic I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Then she asked me to give her some privacy.. which I thought was even better. I couldn't help but peek back in and it was just precious looking at her sitting on the potty with the magazine wide open and her feet dangling from the seat. 

Georgia has gotten really fun lately too. When I first started babysitting her she was 4 months old and SO tiny. She looked almost like a new born. Now she's sort of doing the walk-bob and making noises that could or could not be actual words. The best part is that she's completely fascinated with everything and likes to play with me (mostly my face and hair) as I'm holding her. It's great watching how much more attentive they become. Now she wants me to interact with her all the time, whereas before she could be ok settling in her little daze. 

I'm excited about VT though. I think Blacksburg will be a nice place to chill for my next year and 1/2 in grad school. Coming from DC I thought it was entirely too isolated. Then I realized that you don't have a life in grad school and it really doesn't matter where you are as long as you're somewhere comfortable. Plus there are tons of Clemson kids around. Sometimes I think VT and Clemson are the same school when it comes to the engineering and football scene (though I heard that tailgating isn't quite as big of a deal in BB). 

I should hear back from the Austin internship by next Thursday (fingers crossed). It's pretty competitive and they are only choosing 2 interns so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. If it doesn't work out then that means there's probably another internship that's a better fit for me. 

In regards to March Madness, I am still completely sickened that Clemson chumped out so quickly, but I am actually kind of excited for Davidson. Nice to see another NC school do well to take some of the glory away from UNC and Duke. Plus I have some friends that went there and I know they are really excited right now. Besides all of that, Cinderella teams rock. 

On a final note, I love coming home from polo dirty and smelling like that barn. Seems like the weirdest thing ever but if you're a horse person you know what I'm talking about.

One last thing- from stuffwhitepeoplelike.worldpress.com:

The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values. The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.

I think this website is pretty funny but I realize why it gets so much grief. I like this quote bc it addresses an issue in planning where people want "diversity" but they would rather not be around too many uneducated and/or low-income people. 


Peter March 31, 2008 at 5:16 PM  

I have said it once and I'll say it again. I love the fact that you play Polo.

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