Cheers To.... The Mud House

>> Monday, June 9, 2008

When I first moved to Charlottesville, I distinctly remember wandering over to the Mud House for the first time as I was wandering around the downtown mall (you will find that most of the posts in the 'cheers to' series will involve wandering). I had this idea that the Mud House would be my new Murky Coffee of Charlottesville, given that the coffee was high quality and the ambiance was similarly eclectic. My first day was interesting, since I had plenty enough people watching to entertain myself for the couple of hours I hung out. I'm very touchy feely when it comes to things like coffee shops. I usually go to such places bc I'm searching for inspiration... for a dwelling with like-minded people who are searching for something pure and true. Mainly what I found in the Mud House was a bunch of intellectual snobs that didn't seem to have a desire for understanding the depth of other people unlike themselves. Moreover, the hippies were somehow without the warmth and openness that is often stereotyped upon them. These people actually seemed somewhat bitter. Needless to say I was very confused and surprised.

Now, this is still a cheers (not a roast) to the Mud House. In the year I have lived in Cville, I have realized that the discovery I made that day in the coffee shop was not unlike many discoveries I made all over the city and campus. Charlottesville is a snobby town, period. However, I've been pleased to find that I have a completely different mindset when I stop in the Mud House for a coffee and a couple of hours to chill. I have stopped looking at the arrogance in the fellow coffee shop inhabitants, but rather started seeing them as normal humans. So what if they are intellectuals? Most of the people in this town feel like they have to live up to a certain standard.. but many are begging for an excuse to relax and let loose. It's not really fair to judge this town on the surface. 

So here's to the Mud House.. they have awesome coffee. So does Shenandoah Joe's.  Hopefully Blacksburg will have at least 1 coffee shop with high quality espresso. It's pretty important in my book...


Anonymous June 10, 2008 at 12:19 PM  

I liked reading this entry. However, I should correct you on one point...Cville doesn't have hippies...they just have yuppies that don't shower!

Anonymous June 19, 2008 at 3:57 PM  

This blog needs updating!

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