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>> Monday, July 7, 2008

So I picked up on of my favorite Donald Miller books (Searching for God Knows What) today to read while laying out. Though I've read all of his books several times by now I always seem to find passages that are significant to whatever life situation/emotions that I'm dealing with in the moment. He also writes on a very personable and humble level, which is why I think so many people like his books. 

"Moses said God knew Adam was lonely or incomplete or however you want to say it but God did not create Eve directly after He stated Adam was lonely. This struck me as funny because a lot of times when I think about life before the Fall, I don't think of people going around lonely. But that thought also comforted me because I realized loneliness in my own life doesn't mean I am a complete screwup, rather that God made me this way. You always picture the perfect human being as somebody who doesn't need anybody, like a guy on a horse out in Colorado or whatever. But here is Adam, the only perfect guy in the world, and he is going around wanting to be with somebody else, needing another person to fulfill a certain emptiness in his life. And as I said, when God saw this, He did not create Eve right away. he did not give Adam what he needed immediately. He waited. He told Adam to name the animals. 


"I think it was smart of God because today, now that there are women all around and a guy can go on the Internet and see them naked anytime he wants, the whole species has been devalued. If I were a girl today in America, I would be a feminist for sure. I read recently where one out of every four women, by the time they reach thirty, are sexually harassed, molested, or raped. And then I thought how very beautiful it was that God made Adam work for so long because there is no way, after a hundred years of being alone, looking for somebody whom you could connect with in your soul, that you would take advantage of a woman once you met one. She would be the most precious creation in all the world."

I appreciate the first section very much.. I think, especially Americans, are in error to believe that the simple desire for companionship means that there is something lacking in a person. Especially now, our culture is pushing young adults to consider putting careers first and holding off on marriage,  maybe even indefinitely, with the hope to become a successful individual. This theory implies that an individual may not be "as successful" with another person by his or her side. Maybe the advice is just a spin off of American's frustration at the 50% divorce rate, who knows. Regardless, desiring a partner or a community does not imply that a person is weak. If anything, I think the more successful individuals would have a very strong support group. 

The second passage just makes me smile because I'm a girl and I like when guys talks about women as valuable. It doesn't really get old :)


Anonymous July 8, 2008 at 10:18 AM  

Good entry! It provided a much needed break from my menial work life.

PS - Your readership misses the "cheers to" entries!

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