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>> Monday, July 14, 2008

This sums up the frustrations of a Clemson fan pretty well I'd say. 

In response to this ESPN article-
As a Clemson fan, I'd like to thank you for jinxing the crap out of us. Like we needed the help. Actually, ESPN got us before your blog did, but somebody has to take the blame. We know we SHOULD be very good and SHOULD win the ACC title...but please talk abt another team winning the league and the player awards. It's like giving crack to an addict. we're already unstable, paranoid and scratchy...we don't need your help. Welcome to the neurotic mind of a Tiger fan. Counting down the days 'till kickoff vs. Bama....GO TIGERS.

...I promise, soon I will return to the 'Cheers To' series! 


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