Absolutely Depressing!

>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm ashamed to be a football fan right now. I, along with many others, sadly saw this coming. I hate predicting every time Clemson will choke (which is every time the nation hypes us up). Can you even imagine our team on a national championship stage? That's a laugh...

Not that we don't have the talant.. we do. But then again we've always had the talent. Please just remove the spotlight and we'll do well. Damn you, Heather Dinich! I blame all of this on you.. what do you know about Clemson football? Why fuel our self-destructive fire? Stop telling us we're going to win so that we can win already! Geez.

Here's what espn.com thinks about us and our pathetic conference:

(oh yeah, let me add... all three ACC schools that I have attended so far have lost... not a good track record)

7. ACC: What a nightmare! If it wasn't for Wake Forest, things would really be bleak here. The Demon Deacons opened Thursday night and just carved up Baylor, showing that the ACC probably has at least one Top 25 team. And, since there wasn't much else to pick from, Duke blew out a good FCS team in James Madison, and Georgia Tech looked surprisingly crisp in coach Paul Johnson's debut with the big shift in offensive style. It also contained Jacksonville State's Ryan Perrilloux. Of course, Tech is supposed to beat up on the FCS schools.

The bad news: Where to begin? Preseason favorite Clemson was embarrassed by Alabama, which is supposedly only the third-best team in its division. The Tigers looked completely flat and played with absolutely no passion on the prime-time stage. They could run the table after this and no one will care because they'd only be beating The Citadel and other suspect ACC squads. Virginia Tech lost a lead when it was upset by ECU, and the Hokies have a QB mess on their hands. NC State's offense looked dreadful when it was blanked on national TV by South Carolina.

Virginia got destroyed by USC at home, Maryland struggled mightily with Delaware and UNC almost got knocked off by McNeese State. Oh, and there was that botched parachutist thing, when the game ball was delivered to the wrong ACC stadium. Luckily for them, another bad ACC football team was just a few miles away. Unless Miami pulls off a shocker in Gainesville this weekend, it's hard to see the ACC's jumping up much higher next week.


Anonymous September 3, 2008 at 9:12 AM  

Tyron Taylor will be playing now for VA TECH...you should dump Clemson and make the committment to being a full-time fan of the school you attend.

Go Hoos!

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