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>> Monday, September 8, 2008

From Brian Regan's recent stand up (the epitome of hyperbole):

I hate when a sentence drags on because my brain can’t handle a long sentence. ‘The corporation had originally decided that a restructuring of its charter should be preceded by preliminary'… what in the hell is going on??!… Ok, here we go, alright, ‘the corporation’… ok the corporation- put smoke stacks on that… ‘had originally’.. ok this thing had before.. going to move that to the past and that’s a time line… smoke stacks.. they’re not even here yet. That’s a commin’. ‘The corporation had originally decided’… “hey we better” (I put little people in the window, making decisions).. “hey we better”... That’s how I read in the library “hey smoke stacks hey” … they’re like what are you doing… shh I’m trying to read!


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