I'm semi-famous via an espn journalist.. haha

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Let me just say, I had a BLAST in Clemson/Greenville last weekend. I really can't recall a time when things were more perfect... perfect people, perfect food, (almost) perfect weather...

I think regardless of what I end up doing in May, I am totally comfortable with the idea now of moving back closer to home. I'm still not thrilled about ever moving to Columbia, but I would be more than happy to end up in Greenville. It's really nice to know that my friends are still amazing... even if they are married :). I was afraid if I moved back I would feel rushed into settling down like everyone else has seemed to.. but I'm really not worried about that anymore. It seems like Greenville offers good things for both worlds.. and it's always nice to be near Clemson for football season!

Anyway, I exchanged emails with Heather Dinich, the ESPN ACC blogger after I realized I caught her in a picture I took of CJ Spiller. I figured she would enjoy a copy of the picture so I messaged her to tell her about it and asked her to reply via email so I could send the attachment. Within a couple hours she responded and we exchanged a couple of emails throughout the night. She seems like a really cool girl.. I feel bad for her that she gets trash talked on the blog for being a female sports journalist. I think she's gained the respect of her readers by now, though. Proves that girls can be just as into football as guys :) (and not just as a ploy to gain male attention!).

Here's the picture and the convo... Enjoy!

Hi Tia!

Got your msg in the mailbag … I’d love to see the picture, thanks! That was too funny. I didn’t actually mean to JOIN the parade, I just wanted to walk alongside. I kinda got swept up in it. Whoops! No doubt the most exciting pregame I’ve had this season. Sure beat sittin’ in the press box! :)

Thanks for the note!

Heather Dinich

Hey Heather-

Here you go. I kind of wish it wouldn't have turned out blurry.. it's a fun picture of CJ as well.

I thought it was funny when you walked by... I was like, whoa... I feel like I know her! Haha. You have such a cool job!

That was definitely a great game. I picked the right one to go back for. It felt like the old Clemson. I especially liked how alive the fans and players were coming out of half time. I haven't seen/felt that in a really long time! I know we didn't win... and we still made a lot of the same mistakes... but I have a good feeling about Dabo. It seems like the players really respect him and he has the energy Clemson needs right now. I think we played well considering all of the transitions in only a week!

Anyway, glad you had fun at the game! Clemson is a special little place... we'll get what we've been hoping for soon enough!

Keep up the good work!



Hahaha that’s great! My editor will get a kick out of that. I told him I got stuck in it. Thanks for finding me and forwarding it. I DO have a cool job, thanks, and Clemson is one of my favorite trips in the ACC. Regardless of who the next coach is, things can only get better!

Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the season!



see ya tommy

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

This weekend is going to be interesting down in Clemson! Go Tigers! Can we have Bobby Johnson now??

Good luck, Tommy! Take your contract extension money and relax on an island for a while. You've been stressed....

Clemson Fires Bowden In Mid-Season

POSTED: 11:41 am EDT October 13, 2008
UPDATED: 12:14 pm EDT October 13, 2008

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Tommy Bowden, midway through his 10th season as the head coach of the Clemson University football team, has been fired.
Assistant head coach Dabo Swinney will take over the team for the remainder of the team's season.
The Tigers (3-3, 1-2 in the ACC) face Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Clemson, which was expected to contend for a conference title, has lost two straight games to ACC opponents.
The Tigers were ranked in the preseason Top 10, but opened with a 34-10 loss to Alabama.
The team rebounded with three straight wins, over the Citadel, N.C. State and South Carolina State.
But the Tigers lost 20-17 at home to Maryland on Sept. 27 and then fell 12-7 to Wake Forest on Thursday night.
Bowden had announced late last week that he was benching starting quarterback Cullen Harper in favor of highly touted red-shirt freshman Willy Korn.
Bowden concludes his tenure at Clemson with a 72-45 record and eight appearances in bowl games.
Last December, Bowden agreed to a contract extension that was to have kept him at Clemson through 2014.
Bowden had been pursued by Arkansas to take over the head coaching job there.
"I'm very appreciative and excited about the extension," Bowden said at a news conference at Clemson just after the extension was announced. "I fully intended when we came here nine years ago that we would make this our last stop."
Swinney began the season as the Tigers' receivers coach. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Swinney has been on Bowden's Clemson staff for six years.


Not to beat a dead horse...

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's quite a privilege for a team to make the EDSBS blog...

Dead, again. With a 12-7 loss to Wake Forest jampacked with all the excitement you’ve come to expect from the Electric Sex Conference, the ACC, Tommy Bowden has reverted to familiar mid-season status as the dead guy with the headset. Ron Morris polishes off his “Tommy Bowden is totally dead this time and we mean it” piece, the same one you could have used four years running to look very prescient before the inevitable boot-and-rally Bowden curve.

We’re not even sure .500 gets him fired, though: at 12 years, he’s far more entrenched than you might think, and even with the bitch mentality at full blast Clemson’s at least consistent under Bowden. It all depends on the administrative approach: if the Clemson admins view the football program as a beast they like to keep under wraps and properly chained, they’ll keep him. If they think like, say, and Auburn or Florida, then he’s joining Tony Franklin in the Sad White Box of Totally Fired Club.

(Giving James Davis a meagre 12 carries will get you that Sad White Box of Office Refuse, too.)


I don't know why I'm even following this anymore

Clemson is officially the biggest bust of the season -- Not just in the ACC, but possibly on a national level, too. We're talking about the No. 9-ranked team in the preseason (admittedly too high), but still a team loaded with talent -- a roster other coaches throughout the country would love to borrow from for one Saturday. And yet the Tigers have not been able to do anything with it, instead playing themselves into obscurity and almost out of the Atlantic Division race for sure.

Oh well. Can't wait until basketball season!! Go Oliver Purnell!


>> Friday, October 10, 2008

I woke up to this message this morning (from a "friend" that went to Vandy)-

"if you guys steal our coach, i'll kill you"

Evidently the rest of the world thinks Tommy's job is at risk as well...

And this says it all-

Clemson Turnovers,
Last Two Seasons

(13 gms)
Turnovers 12
Fumbles 6
Interceptions 6
TOs by offense 9

(6 gms)
Turnovers 12
Fumbles 6
Interceptions 6
TOs by offense 10

And this is with an all-star recruiting class that decided to stay for an extra year instead of making millions in the pros. Doesn't seem like they weighed in too much on the opportunity cost of the situation.. considering they have the same lousy coach and offensive coordinator.

ugg i can't get away from economics! haha


Comfort Drinks

>> Friday, October 3, 2008

Can I just say real quick... I really miss good coffee.


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