>> Friday, October 10, 2008

I woke up to this message this morning (from a "friend" that went to Vandy)-

"if you guys steal our coach, i'll kill you"

Evidently the rest of the world thinks Tommy's job is at risk as well...

And this says it all-

Clemson Turnovers,
Last Two Seasons

(13 gms)
Turnovers 12
Fumbles 6
Interceptions 6
TOs by offense 9

(6 gms)
Turnovers 12
Fumbles 6
Interceptions 6
TOs by offense 10

And this is with an all-star recruiting class that decided to stay for an extra year instead of making millions in the pros. Doesn't seem like they weighed in too much on the opportunity cost of the situation.. considering they have the same lousy coach and offensive coordinator.

ugg i can't get away from economics! haha


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