Merry Christmas Eve!

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This has been one of my favorite Christmas Eve's yet. As I think about it, generally I enjoy Christmas eve more than Christmas day because of the fun family rituals we started about 10 years ago. We used to do Christmas eve with my mom's family and then Christmas day at with my dad's, but lately we've pushed my mom's family back to the Sunday before Christmas, leaving Christmas eve just to be spent with my parents and brother at the house. Usually the ritual is to cook a big dinner that night and then either play games or watch a movie until everyone gets tired from wine and starts to fall asleep. This year we just watched stand up comedy (also pretty normal in my house) and hung out with my parent's best friends, William and Nancy. The dogs were also a big entertainment.. I'm keeping my roommate's cocker spaniel and she seems to have just figured out how to be nice to Rylynn and everyone else. Watching them actually play together was a big treat. Up until today I pretty much thought of Ellie as the really beautiful, snobby girl in high school that no one liked (with good reason).

Anyway, a brief synopsis via pictures.. as told by dogs...

Try one... humans put silly fuzzy hats on dogs' heads (which of course don't fit)

By the way... I would be lucky to look like my mom at 52. Maybe she's been right all of these years about wearing lotion everyday.

Try two.. with a little help from me (fresh out of the shower)

This is how they really feel about it--

Rylynn: Elllllieeee... I have a soft plushy toy for you....

Rylynn: See, Taylor gets it


Now Ellie is fearless.. loving on the scary tall guy with the crazy white hair

Within minutes... Santa is gutted. Poor Santa. Glad the girls got some fun out of it.

Other random Christmas pics in the Williams' home

he looks so amused...

The end..

One more note... Happy Birthday, Sarah!! She's moving with me to Nashville this summer... holding her accountable via this blog :) Let's just hope the economy is nice to me so I can get a job!


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