The Most Wonderful Time of '09

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas was wonderful this year! It was a little surreal since it's the first time in 8 years that I haven't "come home" for Christmas. It's strange being on the other side and having those I'm close to come back to me.. hah.

I'm perhaps not an amazing enough photographer yet.. bc I haven't figured out for the life of me how to hang out with people I care about and shoot at the same time. I did manage to get some shots when I was with my parents and brother on Christmas day, but I decided not to bring my camera to the big family Christmas dinner (sorry I'm depriving you of photos of all of my adorable cousins!). Maybe one day I'll learn that balance.

Not your average Christmas ornaments... this is all mom

Yes, my dad's shirt says "wanna shag"... and we give hefty bags as gifts :)

Rylynn got a pig's hoof... eww

Mom and dad bought Taylor the same card... clearly we do our shopping separately

we go for the "warm" feel with our ornaments

Rylynn might even be too obedient

Oh the things we do to our dogs to make them look "cute"

My mom is beautiful... these photos don't do justice because I don't have an electronic flash for shooting inside. Hope you enjoy anyway :)

Among the fabulous presents this year, my dad got a wii (and wii fit plus), and Taylor and I got a gps. Anyone who knows me at all can vouch that this little machine is going to change my life.

My favorite game so far is the fencing game.. I love playing it as well as watching. Haven't tried boxing yet... I have a feeling that will be my next fav.

Most fun all of us have had together in a long time :)

Check out my mom's arm muscles! whoa

lookin' niiice

My mom double bags EVERYTHING.. will always be a mystery

How can you resist that face?

This year my mom got an extension on the kitchen as her major Christmas present.. but I think she might have liked these slippers dad gave her more

The end. See you in 2010!! Craziness.

Oh... and wedding photos to come! So excited!


More fun times with the fam

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

I think impromptu shoots are quickly becoming my favorites. My mom's family came over yesterday for our annual Browder Christmas gathering and we had some time to play just before dark. Kaylee and Autumn are some of my close cousins living in Chapin. They had a great time modeling for me (a little too much fun maybe! jk ;). Autumn asked me afterward if I could go to California and show some of the Disney Channel people my photos so they could be 'discovered'. Too cute.

The boys joined us for a while to test out Nelson's nerf gun. They failed in the ambush.

Good times!

Meet Autumn

Meet Kaylee

Meet Kaylee and Autumn together... crazy girls

I rarely think to jump in pictures. Glad I did!

It was a beautiful night!

Nelson def. won the best toy award!

Taylor thought so too!

We're a close family

Love it! Fun times :)


Help-Portrait Greenville

>> Sunday, December 13, 2009

Help-Portrait has come and gone and I am now back in Columbia doing my thing (which is nothing). I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend and I'm so glad to have had the time to hang out with Christina and some great new friends. We got to Greenville around 11 and didn't know much of what to expect. We had a slow start but by the end of the day we had about 50 people/families stop by for a free portrait.

I have to admit that I was clueless how to use lighting equipment but I got a good run down from some of the other volunteers. These guys and gals were so smart! Everyone was passionate about photography, modest about how amazing their work is (I checked out a couple websites later) and were genuinely ready to serve. I was impressed.

United Ministries allowed us to use their building and did a great job of getting the word out. I especially loved seeing how close the families were that visited with us. We didn't even have to direct some of the couples in how to pose.. the man would tenderly place his hand on his gal's or the lady would pull into her man's chest and tilt her head towards him. So sweet.

I took my first portrait somewhere around the middle of the day. I shot a slick middle-aged man that came decked out in a tan colored leather jacket. He threw up a peace sign over his heart and gave me a sly smile. I told him this was my first professional portrait and asked if he thought that was cool or if he didn't care. He quickly responded that he didn't care. It got some laughs and I tried not to take it personally.. I'd say it fit the mood of the day just fine.

The day started with polaroid shots of the help-portrait gang

Photographers love polaroids

The editing station was obviously the cool table

There was plenty of time for random shots

Young and oh so talented

Christina and I wandered outside to take some shots for the street ministry. They were serving a deer stew at 4:30 and were preparing the meal for most of the day. I especially loved chatting with the "Bikers For Christ" guys :) Many thanks to Wayne for good conversation and for being dedicated to this ministry for so many years. He's got a heart of gold and I know he's well respected. Sweet people.

The leather jackets are awesome. Love the "Satan Sucks" patch on the front.

Wayne preparing the stew

Got some shots of Christina chatting

It was freezing.. but the predicted sleet thankfully never came

a' workin


Shooting away

Time for the message

Good people. Good day.

Christina and I are thinking about starting a Help-Portrait in Columbia. Hopefully we can find a community of photographers that want to get plugged in here... the more the merrier!


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