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>> Monday, January 12, 2009

You know you're a Clemson fan when you are annoyed to see your team jump significantly in the ratings.. you understand there's a breaking point when the team peaks (usually in the top 10) and then plummets out of the top 25 all together with several embarrassing losses. Two years ago Clemson was the only undefeated Div. 1 team with 17 wins. Directly after that, the tigers lost almost all of their ACC match ups and failed to even win a bid into the tourney (I think that was some kind of college bb record). Last year we made it into the tourney, just to drop out of the first round by blowing a huge lead in the 2nd half against Villanova. I received several annoyed texts/voice mails from out of state friends saying that Clemson ruined their bracket.. hah. They just don't know Clemson as well as we do.

Today, Clemson climbed to #9. Personally, I think this was a conspiracy and a joke from ESPN officials. They realize how bitter the memory was of our pre-season football ranking at #9. They want to see Wake Forest sweep the floor with this overly confident team.. who can't handle the pressure of being in the top 10 ranking of any sport. What a great headline that would make! A Clemson curse exists.. where a bunch of loyal fans and players see themselves in the national spotlight just to wake up realizing they are in the middle of nowhere in Clemson, SC.. in which most people have no idea what state the school belongs to.

One difference exists for basketball: Oliver Purnell. As far as I'm concerned.. the man is a god. He turned an ACC joke of a team into serious competition for UNC and Duke. We have consistently gotten better (despite the end of season spin-offs). Purnell realizes that Clemson has a ranking curse.. he addresses it all the time. He's trying to remind the guys daily that they haven't proven anything yet. This next section of our season is going to be brutal. We have a couple on/off players (Oglesby) that are going to have to figure out really quickly how to be consistent. But...I feel better about this team than I have any of the others. These guys play better together than they have in the past. We have some young guys that are really stepping up and holding their weight. We have strong leaders like Booker that aren't going to let any team intimidate them.

I'm very excited for the rest of the season (with reasonable caution). Basketball is fun to watch and a great distraction from school. I'm looking forward to watching the WF game with some Clemson friends that I haven't seen in a while.

So... here's hoping! Good luck, Tigers! Break the curse!


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