Life was great in 2008!

>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking back, I had a really great year last year. Not to say it was always easy or fun, but I had some major life changes/experiences that I'm going to probably remember forever. Here are just some random memories from the year.

* Learning to play tennis (a truly impossible feat at the time)
* Babysitting Brooke, Jane and Georgia. Watching Georgia take her first step.
* Meeting Apple.. watching Vincent take his first step.
* Rediscovering Nashville with Will.
* Realizing Pigeon Forge is an example of the reason America needs planners.
* Learning to swim correctly.
* Thanksgiving through the end of the semester (hell on earth)
* Learning more than I ever wanted to know about Nicaragua and BMW/Greenville
* Being at home over spring break while my Nanny passed away.
* Losing Gabby.
* Falling back in love with the mountains.
* Seeing a momma and baby black bear in the wild.
* Discovering bluegrass and folk music.
* Skiing in Vail.
* Transferring.
* Having one of the greatest summers of my life in Cville... Realizing I will make a great stay at home mom one day :)
* First night out with friends in Bburg.
* Bluegrass at the cellar.
* 3 AM cheese and cracker nights at Meghans.
* March Madness.
* Awfuls.
* Clemson/VT and Boston games... that was 2007 but oh well
* GT weekend with all of my college favorites.
* Apple/Peach picking.
* Learning to like fish (sort of).
* Fun times in DC.
* Wrecking my car twice/ cracking my windshield.
* Biking everywhere... having a drunk UVa kid tell me my butt was blinking.
* Eating way too many turkey sandwiches.
* Realizing my college roommies still and always will be my very best friends.
* Mary Jane and Andrew's wedding.
* NYC with Katy.
* Significantly decreasing my consumption of lattes.
* Fridays after Five/ Gelato/ Cville Market/ Shenandoah Joe's/ Thai 99/ Christian's Pizza/ Harris Teeter (can you believe it?)
* Sun dresses.
* Becoming a first class procrastinator.
* Swing dancing.
* Polo!
* Hiking around Bburg.
* Fall in Bburg.
* Running around horse pastures.
* Officially switching from Orange to Purple (no more orange!)
* Turning 25... scary.
* The phone call from my mom saying she found my violin (it was a big deal)
* Not spending enough time with my brother.. new goal for this year
* Halloween.
* Realizing I actually like planning (at least economic development).
* New years eve.
* 80s night.
* Punch Brother concert(s)
* Sarah visit.
* Thursday night craziness... losing my phone.
* Always wanting to dance..complaining there was nowhere to dance... dancing anyway.
* Realizing I have a good group in Blacksburg~ being glad I moved


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