Final Stretch

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today....... I bought my ticket to Prague! No turning back.

2 glorious weeks in May.. I can hardly stand it I am so excited.

Now I just have to graduate! 38 days...


Sun, Storms, and Sweet Summer

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm very much ready for one of these

About this time of the year I get really antsy for summer. Actually, I'm pretty much ready for summer as soon as the last autumn leaf falls, but it's especially hard during the last stretch of school. I not only want my free time back, my mind, body and soul aches for warm weather. Lately I've been thinking a lot about the lake and beach.. wondering if I'll be able to do another one of those trips this year. Guess it's something to look forward to if the recession unkind to my job search in May.

Here's to sun in my face, sand in my toes, and a wicked farmers tan. I'm ready.


Oh Murky

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm at Murky Coffee in Arlington.. my old stomping ground. Don't really have time to be "blogging" right now since I actually need to spend the next 4 or so hours being really productive... but... I would be kicking myself if I didn't post while I am here.

I am very much enjoying my caramel latte. I really wanted to take a picture of it but I am self-conscious enough not to do that (Murkyites tend to be a little on the snobby, intellectual side).

My morning started by metroing out to Old Town where I walked down to La Madeleine for breakfast and then headed up to meet my advisor in person for the first time at the VT extended campus in Alexandria. Kind of insane that I've emailed this lady 100s of times and watched her on a tv for 2 hours every week last semester (polycom class) and never actually met her in person. She was pretty much as I had expected.. her hair was a little darker than I had thought and she had really blue eyes. Nice lady overall.. she was really busy so I only spent about 5 minutes saying hi. 

I had a blast walking around King Street. I spent most of the time people watching and tried to soak up as much as I could while I was there. Funny how you take where you're living for granted. I think pretty much everyone does it. 
On the way out, I found a really cute cafe that just opened. The lady who owned the store made me a "specialty" turkey and swiss on wheat.. I had no idea what was going to be on it so I was a little nervous. It ended up having spicy honey mustard, pesto and some other spread (maybe sundried tomato?). She also added a little garden salad to the plate with a great balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  It was very yummy and I was really glad to spend 6.50 there instead of at a generic sandwich shop. 

Probably my favorite part of the morning was watching an older indian man play a harmonica from his car while driving. He must have been using his knees to steer, which is scary, but I'm still glad he chose to entertain the public proudly with his windows rolled down. 

Tonight I'm meeting some dear friends out for dinner and drinks and I'm so excited. I don't think I could have planned this weekend any better. 

Random side note... there's a guy journaling at the table I'm sitting at. I am so close to asking him what he's writing about but I know that would be weird.. but it's nice to see that people still write in journals. Prob a very healthy habit. 


Word to my Brother

>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

My brother is two decades old today... not sure how to handle that.. haha. I don't know how many people get the pleasure of being best friends with their siblings, but it's been pretty wonderful having him in my life. Even with a 6 year age difference I feel like Taylor understands me better than most people (guess having the same corny sense of humor will do that). If we've been alone together for too long there's no telling what will come out of our mouths... it usually makes no sense at all. Sort of like our own little magical language.. and no way to really know where it started. Actually a lot of it started from random things our mom said at some point that over time got really distorted in our jokes.... "zooouuppy", "she's a poo poo", "yum yum yumm". And then the other random stuff... "porshaaaaa", "ooo noooo". 

Besides all of that, he's just an all around great guy. I know most people say that about their family members.. but I honestly don't know many people that have the integrity and passion that Taylor has. He's an amazing person. 

So, here's to my brthr! Out of the thousands of pictures I have of him, these made the blog somehow. Enjoy!

Maybe our first picture ever?? March 19, 1989

I enjoyed the years I was bigger than him. Though, I think I can still take him in tennis! :)

Graduation, May 2005. Taylor and I with his other big sister, Kristin

At the Carolina/Clemson basketball game with dad. I think deep down Taylor is still a Clemson fan!


sweet dreaming

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a total advocate for living in the present... but right now I'm finding some peace in looking ahead. While I was in Nashville this past weekend I decided that there was no reason I should put off my trip to Prague. It served as great motivation this morning for me to knock out my paper proposal for my European Cities class (which I'm writing on Prague). Having a good guy friend to travel with makes me feel even more confident that I'll be safe and have a great time.. which is more than a good enough reason to go for it.

Prague at Dusk

Also had a blast in Nashville. I think regardless of what happens with the job search (right now looking kind of hopefull) I should move there when I graduate. I have more contacts and leads there than anywhere else (including SC) so I'd like to be around when one of those opens up. I don't think I've met a single person that doesn't like living there. It's kind of a mid-size city that has a little bit of everything. Whether or not I choose to live in East or West Nashville, I think I'd have plenty of choices of cool neighborhoods where I can walk/bike and enjoy local venues. The music scene of course is amazing... really loved getting to hear Nathan Angelo. Overall, I don't think it could have been any better of a trip. It was even cold and rainy the whole time and I still loved it.. which says a lot if you know anything about me!

The Cumberland River in Nashville. Needs to be tapped by economic developers.. way too much potential!

So.. exciting days ahead. For now, I'm going to look forward to the warmer days in the forecast and try to get outside as much as possible. I have new motivation to get my major paper and other projects out of the way. Hopefully it will last!

2 months exactly until graduation!! Craziness.


Snow! and other thoughts on winter

>> Monday, March 9, 2009

I haven't updated this thing in forever. Sometimes it's hard to force the creative energy to keep up a blog. For the most part, I want to be able to remember special events.. like getting 8 inches of snow and being trapped in my house for a whole day (gasp!). I would have been stuck for 2 days if a very strong guy who lived across the street from me didn't help push my car out of the ice.

I love that now, exactly a week later, I have a little bit of the remnants of a sunburn that occured over the weekend. Wacky southern weather.

In less than 3 days I'll be in Nashville.. and I am so very excited. This may very well lead to the next big chapter of my life, which is a crazy thought. I've moved a million times it seems like, but this is the first time I would be moving with an actual career in mind and a real life to start for myself. That thought used to scare me, but I'm finding lately that I'm ready for it. I don't want the adventures to end, but I'm actually ok with having a little bit more stability for a while. Maybe I'm getting old.. who knows.

So until that big move.. I still have March Madness to look forward to! Let the games begin :)

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