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>> Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yes, I am in my office at 9:23 in the morning on a Saturday....but.... this should be the last Saturday I ever have to work on 'school' work. By this time next Saturday, I will be on my way to the mountains with some very cool people for a 2 day canoe trip.

Here is the break down of my week:

Monday 12:00- Defense. Probably the most stressful 2 hours of interrogation I will endure for a long time if ever.. but hopefully they'll go easy on me.

Tuesday- Cinco de Mayo. Depending on how much I have left over to do for our GIS project and my paper for European cities (which I should be doing right now) I should be able to celebrate adequately.

Wednesday 5:30- European Studies presentation. I will most likely be going downtown after this presentation depending on how the night prior went.

Thursday and Friday- Tying up loose ends with the GIS project and catching up at work

Saturday and Sunday: McCoy falls, camping, canoeing, singing... I dunno.... but it's going to be incredible

Monday 7:00 pm- GIS presentation and commencement of all grad school duties!! (Depending on how many revisions my committee gives me for my paper)

The rest of the week I'll be catching up at work and getting ready for graduation on the 15th. I have some potential interviews lined up in Greenville.. but they understand that I'm not going to be able to get down there easily before I leave for Germany and Prague on the 20th! So I may be making a quick one day trip down there if my work lets me off.

I can't believe this semester is already over... I can't believe I'm almost done with grad school. It really flies by faster than you would ever think. I'm not as freaked out anymore about graduating and not having a plan. It's sort of sunk in that I'm not going to have a terrible lot of control on the job search, so I'm just going to enjoy my time at home while I can and just see what happens (doesn't hurt that my parents have a lake and beach house). Greenville's also moving up on my places to live as well...especially since I've seen all of the really cool affordable apartments and townhomes that are for rent downtown. Might not be a bad deal to be living in a growing downtown and still be close to my family and friends (and Clemson football) for a couple of years.

So who knows... all in all it's a good day. We have a storm blowing in here soon and that makes me happy as well. It's the little things :)

What's happening in my life after June 1st... who knows. I just know I'm going to try to plan in a Cville and DC trip, a Florida trip to see Kristin and my cousin's wedding on the 27th. So if I don't have a job by the end of June I'm definitely not going to be crushed.

So... 13 days until graduation / 18 days until Prague... I can do this!!


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