Done! but still in limbo

>> Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now that I'm finished with my paper (as of like 2 weeks ago) I should be pretty content. I mean, I worked really hard on it. Spent a lot of time on this pretty little cover page... 

But.. I'm pretty restless. The only thing I've really been able to accomplish since I've been home is consistent training for a half marathon. I've run at least 3 miles a day for the last 2 weeks.. and it's felt great to finally get back into shape. Running is the one thing I look forward to every day bc it's the one thing I can get really motivated about. I've been applying for jobs.. mostly in Colorado.. and it kind of sucks feeling like every application I turn in is a long shot. I've only applied for one job in my field (only one I've seen), so I've had to apply for other jobs that use only a few of my skills and then explain in the cover letter that I think I'm capable of the position. 

The perks of being home is that I've been able to manage a flexible schedule and do some visiting with friends. I usually only go out at obscure times (like in between meals) so I'm not tempted to spend money. Mostly I stay inside and chill with Rylynn. She's a good pal. She's also taken quite a liking to my bed. 

Right now I'm hanging out with Ryan in Atlanta Bread while he plans his trip to Europe. I'll be sad when he's gone.. but I'll most likely still be here in July when he gets back. I'll have to find a few more Columbia people to hang out with until then. Thankfully my old roommates are still in the state or nearby. 

I have a few babysitting gigs to maintain my checking account through the summer. I just need to have a better attitude and not get so discouraged. I think either way I should move out West where my field is actually valued. I'm a little nervous to be doing planning in the South in case the economy doesn't turn around soon. Plus, I think I would be happy in Colorado. There's a half marathon in Denver in October.. so it's something fun to aim for if possible. 

Who knows what's next. I think God is trying to teach me to relax.. it's not an easy thing for me to not be in control. For now I'm loving hanging out with the fam and my best friends.. that part has been really, really great.  


never ending transitions

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Today.. I want to move to Denver. 3 days ago I wanted to move to DC. 1 month ago I wanted to move to Nashville or Savannah.

Wonder what it will be next week?

Guess I won't have complete control seeing that I'll need to go wherever I can get a job offer. Probably won't be in the Southeast bc Florida seems like the only state south of DC that's willing to hire planners right now. I'm not a huge fan of Florida.

In other news, my major paper has turned into a full fledged thesis and is now consuming my life. I've hidden away in Blacksburg for a week to finish this thing. At this point I kind of hope it gets published to make up for all of the trouble I've put into it.

The good news is, after this paper is over with, this blog should get MUCH better as long as I don't have a job... bc that means I'll be reading fun books and taking fun pictures.

So... say a prayer that this paper is completely finished by this weekend. I've put an incredible amount of energy into revising it and I hope my adviser recognizes that. How much more can a person know about technology-based economic development and commercialization methods? :p


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