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>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well, my dad's office is really slow right now so I thought I would take this time to blog instead of incessantly looking for jobs like I usually do.

I read a US News and World Report article recently that named planning as one of the "Best Careers" of 2009. I found it interesting since one of the criteria was based on pay... and it's pretty well known to all planners that this field is one of the worst in the country for pay in terms of educational attainment required.

Anyway.. it can be a really great field. However, I'm finding, based on the comments from the article and other friend's experiences, that it's a field that sucks during a recession and can be really frustrating in the early years. The hardest part is getting in, since the market seems to always be oversaturated with qualified candidates. Anyway, my strategy now is to do as many in-person meetings as possible and to just apply online for the jobs that look most promising (since many of the public sector jobs could potentially be unattainable due to the fact that they're legally required to be posted).

That makes me still a little limited geographically. SC is not a great state for planning. I think I'm going to work my economic development and politics angle as much as possible.. and just pray something works out.

Until then, I'm having a blast babysitting. I get to keep the cutest kids, namely, Ouita (4 months), Gus (15 months) and Miles (3 years). They are all relatively very well behaved and happy kids. I really enjoyed rocking Ouita to sleep in the swing a couple days ago while watching a storm blow in. The family lives out in the woods about 15 minutes away from my house. The property and house are so beautiful. It reminds me a lot of my house with more trees.. since this family also lives next door to grandparents on a pretty lake.

I'm also really enjoying these storms. Though, I wasn't too happy about the cracking thunder right after I put Ouita down for her nap. Thankfully she's not a normal baby and seemed to sleep straight through it.

We've been getting daily storms for a couple of weeks now. I started to miss them about a month ago when we went about 10 days without rain. I'm also finding that I like the storms a lot more in the comfort of my home, since I was legitimately scared of my car flooding last Wednesday as I was trying to get home from downtown around midnight. Thankfully my brother lives close enough that I was able to park in a shopping center parking lot and walk to his apartment (entrance was completely flooded). I've really never seen Columbia like that.

I had a blast in Savannah and Gainesville with my girls and had a hard time leaving. You never know how much you have it made in college getting to live with your very best friends. I've had some great roommates since then (and some crazies as well), but it will never be the same again. It really felt like a family atmosphere after a while.. and I'm not sure that everyone gets to have that same experience. Anyway, I'm thankful to have the internet and so many other ways to stay in touch. It's definitely been comforting to be in the state right now and only a couple hours away from everyone. If I could find a good job here, preferably in the Upstate :), I would be happy.

Finally getting to go camping this weekend with some of my favorite Clemson people! Should be a really fun time. Hopefully there will be some pretty pictures to follow.


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