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>> Monday, July 20, 2009

Early this morning I got a message on facebook from a girl in Columbia asking if I am a photographer and if I do engagement photos. She must have seen the album I posted yesterday of one of my best friends and her fiance out at the Columbia Riverwalk.

I couldn't help but get a little excited that someone recognized me as potentially professional. Truth is I had so much fun with the photo shoot the other day that I wondered if I haven't given enough thought to a career in photography. A couple of years ago I tried to dabble here and there, but never wanted to seriously consider becoming more invested in the hobby. The practical side of me wanted to get grad school out of the way in hopes to eventually start working in a secure 9-5 job.

Now I'm wondering which career is more reliable: photography or planning? This week has been frustrating on the job search front. I noticed the first entry/ mid-level planning position in Greenville since I've started looking a couple months ago. It was mostly transportation related but I figure at this point I just need to apply for whatever I can get. After working on the application for a few hours I noticed it was filled on another job search site.

I was really bummed but decided to do a statewide search for "urban planning" anyways.. and learned there are only 2 jobs (senior level) available in the state right now. I tried to wrap my brain around the possibility of there only being 2 teaching/engineering/nursing/etc. jobs available. I'm assuming at that point the state would just fall apart.

I'm trying to not get discouraged.. but it's hard not to. I'm starting to feel like my field is "flaky".. at least in SC.. and it makes me wonder what future I have staying in this field. Last night I was joking around with a friend and asked if he would like to buy a Servpro franchise so that I could help manage it. The idea wasn't completely farfetched.. I know pretty well that there's a lot of job security in my dad's business.

So.. for now I'll keep looking and maybe consider something drastic in 6 months if nothing changes. The good news is I have more babysitting jobs than I can manage right now. Between babysitting and my dad's office I have more than a full time job. Perhaps I should use some of my saved money to take a photography class at some point.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the photo shoot. Enjoy!


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