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>> Monday, July 13, 2009

After having a really nice lunch with Kristin, Kelly and Kristin's parents, I returned home and opened my car door to a deep haze. Turns out the humidity was so great my contacts clouded up and the only way to fix it was to take them out and wash them in solution. I'm really not sure if that's ever happened to me before... considering the last time I lived in Columbia in the summer time was before I was wearing contacts.

Despite the humidity and the heat (which is really only mildly inconvenient), the "summertime" has been really great. I think I'm happiest when I can roll out of bed, throw on a sun dress and flip flops and be out the house into the sunshine in less than 15 minutes. I especially love these lazy mornings when I can sit out on the porch with Rylynn and enjoy my coffee. She's starting to learn that we don't always want to play frisbee with her and will back down after only a few times of pushing the frisbee into my leg (which I think she's figured out gets to me the most). You have to love her, though. She's a little attention needy.. but I'm sort of the same way these days so we make a good match :)

This month has been a little crazy with all of the weddings, wedding planning, family trips, emails, cover letters, etc. I was doing a pretty good job of keeping up with my 3 mile a day running routine until I spent a week in DC. Definitely didn't get any exercise in while I was there (and probably ate 1 too many unhealthy meals). It was nice nonetheless. I loved seeing some of my old friends.. including Peter and his girlfriend, Andrea... and managed to somehow not even step foot into Old Town. I visited Capitol Hill twice and met with my old boss. He instructed me to get my resume to his economic development director in Hilton Head.. so I'll be heading down there next week with my dear friend, Sarah, to meet with him. We're going to also head to Savannah for the night and down to see Kristin for the weekend in Gainesville. I can't believe this will be my first beach trip of the year! I really don't think I've ever gone this long in the summer without heading to the coast.

In other news, Taylor and I have been playing a little bit of tennis. I can honestly say that playing tennis in a skirt makes me more competitive. I'm not sure why. I'm so glad he's here.. it's been so much fun.

I've started going to my parents church and have run into several people from high school and college. All are married couples... which is not shocking. I actually don't have one friend in Columbia that isn't married or engaged. I began attending their sunday school class and I can't tell you how long it's been since I've done that. I'd like to say that I've been pleasantly surprised with how much I can relate to most of the people in my class. Maybe the Methodist church is a good fit for me.

Overall I feel like God is trying to bring me back down to earth. I've done a great job up until this point of going after what I want and seeing it through... but I'm finding that the days of being able to micromanage my life are slowly coming to an end. Maybe He's trying to prepare me for the crazy unpredictability that comes with a marriage and a family... who knows. It's easy to feel like a failure if you've overcome so many hurdles just to find that you may need to take an entry level job and pay that you could have easily earned right out of college. I've had scary thoughts recently that my "career" may have peaked at the age of 23 when I was working on Capitol Hill.. I actually have a couple friends in the same boat right now with the same thoughts. Honestly, I just want to go with the flow.. realize that I may have to take a job that I'm overqualified for and just make the most of the situation... though it's easier said than done. Now I'm going to have to learn to be content with my blessings.. which are the amazing family and friends I have been lucky enough to have in my life.

So.. we'll see what happens. For now I'm helping my dad in the office and babysitting. I've found a few jobs in Colorado recently that I'm going to apply for. I'm also going to begin focusing on the Southeastern coast since it's supposed to be consistently developing. I'm learning that it could be really nice to stick around here and be able to stay close to my family and friends.

We'll see....


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