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>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So, a lot has happened in just a couple days! I must say, it's been really nice to actually be "busy" again. It might even seem like a wasted busy since I'm not technically getting paid yet... but I feel like it's building towards something. 

This morning I met with a lady at the USC business school about my website and she gave me an estimated price for them to help me put it together. They're a nonprofit so it's probably the best way to go... plus, let's just admit it, I know nothing about websites! Sounds like they have some good ideas and I can probably get the end product that I'm wanting right now. Hopefully it will all be up and running in 2 weeks! 

Saturday night I got to go out in the Vista to see Mcfly with some of my best friends. You just can't think about 80's music without thinking about Mcfly... they're pretty awesome.

The rest of the weekend/week I was busy with photo shoots of Meredith and Sarah and night pictures in downtown Greenville:

These didn't come out quite as great as I would have liked... but I'm still learning.

It's pretty amazing how fascinated people are with photography in SC. I had a few people say stuff to me while shooting in Columbia, but I guess since I was in Greenville for a longer period I encountered several strange questions and responses from passer-bys. Many of them asked me to take their picture.. which I found most unusual since they would never receive a copy of the image.

I only agreed to take one for these girls. They were entertaining at least :)

I was also approached by several people while I was walking around with my tripod. One guy asked me if I was with the local news. Another asked if I was shooting for a class. My favorite was a guy who looked about my age who wanted me to stop what I was doing on the street and tell him all about what I do bc he had a "fascination" with photography and didn't know anything about 

A few others started talking to me in Coffee Underground as I was editing my pictures. It seems like working with a nice camera is the same equivalent to having a puppy... people seem to think it's okay to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Fine by me. 

I was thankful to at least have a couple hours to get up to Clemson to hang out with Sarah and Bryan. Sarah did a photo shoot for me and posted a couple of the pictures in her blog- 

It was a great experience. I don't think I had any idea how awkward it is to be a part of a photo shoot! I'm quite positive I would never cut it as a model. I pretty much don't know how to show any expression besides whatever mood I'm feeling at the time. I was able to loosen up a bit for a couple shots.. but most of them were probably just evidence of my awkward smirk ;) 

Kelly and Adam's engagement pictures were pretty easy since those kids are just goof balls. I may need to learn a couple jokes before I tackle some more photo shoots of adults!  It's just not as simple as it looks.

The next task on my agenda is to get some sunset pictures of Pretty Place. After that I should do some more pet photos and I guess try to find some better shots of Columbia. It's probably my least favorite city to photograph... but I should have at least a couple items to sell in a month (Okra Strut is a month from today!). 

Would love suggestions for pretty places to shoot around here!


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