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>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's been a great couple of weeks! Even though I've struggled to make it happen I've been able to get in several photo shoots. It turns out dogs are in abundance so I've been able to get plenty of those shots. Rylynn of course is always available.. This is one of her many cute little faces:

We also got to play around the pond for a bit with Pearl and Ruby. I then got some quick shots of Bindhi (great dane) and Hector (doberman) the morning of the Clemson game since I ended up staying in Greenville for the night after taking shots at Pretty Place. It was great to get some quality time in with some dearly missed friends!

Getting a still shot was not going to happen that afternoon

Pretty Place at dusk

Why a 185 lb dog could be so nervous, I will never understand

I've reached crunch time for the Okra Strut and website. Finally got most of my pictures in (there will be some significant gaps) for the people who are working on my website and finished uploading photos from the Preston and Cooper photo shoot to smugmug. My macbook has reached absolute full capacity and I had no other choice but to let it be slow until I could finish my work and move it to the external hard drive. There's probably a better computer out there to do this kind of work on.. but I guess I'll learn as a I go.

I had a blast taking photos of the Taylor's yesterday. They're connected to the Congressman I worked for in DC so I thought that was random and kind of cool. They have the perfect little place for an afternoon photo shoot and I loved being able to enjoy the outdoors with their 2 sweet little boys.

Cooper loved the camera on the floor shots.. such a cutie

The boys brought me flowers any chance they could

Playing in the sweet feed bucket

It was a long day outside and the sun was getting to the boys. They did a really great job, though!

Thanks to Julie and Heath for letting me follow them around their property and hang out with their precious boys.

The Okra Strut is quickly approaching on Sept. 26, meaning I need to order my prints today in order to have them matted and ready. Would love suggestions for favorite photos to print/sell. Leave comments or give kudos on my smugmug page if you get a chance!


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