A Cool New Project... and Will I Survive??

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

I've been blessed with work. I should be doing a better job of putting my name out there, but somehow the pieces are coming together enough to be more optimistic than pessimistic.

Owning a business is very difficult. I know most people know that, but really, until you do it on your own.. you have no idea how difficult. There are so many factors to juggle at one time: When do I need to make my next equipment purchase? Can I really make it until next month without Quickbooks? How much credit card debt is 'ok'? Should I rebrand? What IS my brand? How do I make these people realize that, even though my session seems expensive, I'm earning $4 an hour?

Alas, most photographers are in the same boat.. and yet they keep doing it because they love it. Don't get me wrong, I love it too, but I want to find a way to definitely pay off my student loans in 10 years. That means I might need to be a little more aggressive and not passive about improving.

For now, I'm trying to take it day by day and hopefully come up with some sort of a 6 month plan when I have time to think. Fortunately, my dad has proposed a project for me to collect photos of his 11 franchise territories, which will also allow me to learn more about his trainership and interact with the other business owners. It's sort of a win/win situation since I need more time to practice my photography and there's not as much work for me to do in the office as there is in the other areas.

This also comes at a good time because I was selected as a featured artist for Cool Beans in Columbia, so about 20 of my pieces will be displayed in the coffee shop for 6 weeks for free beginning in February! I've been thinking a lot about my "theme" and even though it's been done many times before, I think I will focus on life around SC. It'll be a challenging project since I'll be shooting less familiar areas like Sumter and Florence, but I think there will be students/natives around Columbia that will appreciate photos from their hometowns.

I've started with Columbia and the Horseshoe. I haven't shot nearly enough around Columbia considering its in my backyard (and really I've done more shots of my actual backyard :). However, hopefully that will quickly change and I can get some more practice with my new lens (Nikon 35 mm/ F 1.8).

Here are a couple shots from the Horseshoe. It's a hard area to shoot due to all of the shade, but I think the area has a ton of potential. I'm thinking my next spot will be the Lake Murray Dam. Any other suggestions are welcomed!


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