Happy anniversary to my wonderful parents!

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Today, 27 years ago my parents were married! I'm pleased that my dad made the decision to take the day off to have some downtime at the lake with my mom.

I really can't ask for better parents. They are not perfect, but they know how to love well. I think that is the best quality you can have.. because it automatically trumps all of your flaws. I wish I had some better photos of my parents together, especially now that they're enjoying their almost retirement years and starting to loosen up a bit. You can tell through their expressions that they still are very much in love.. and I hope to one day capture that.

My mom is as beautiful today as she was 27 years ago!

Vail 2008: My parents will probably still be skiing together in their 80's :)

It's not easy going back to living at home after being out of the house for 8 years, but I think I'll definitely look back on this period and be glad that I had the opportunity to watch my parents enjoy their marriage. I get nervous with the idea of "forever".. but I am more at ease knowing that they still care a lot for each other after all of this time.

Seems like the key isn't having similar personalities (my parents are practically opposites) or a lot in common. I'm pretty sure a huge factor is prayer. I've had my battle with faith and I've fought God hard in certain periods, but I can't really argue with the power of prayer. Especially in relationships. It's kind of hard to remain stubborn and selfish when you're thinking about the goodness of God together for a few seconds everyday.

So, thank you mom and dad for family trips, boat rides, the beach, grilling out, fires in the fireplace during "winter", 8 hour monopoly games, Christmas mornings, sports in the yard, pecan pie, bike rides, long talks, movie night, laughing, and helping me move (prob over a dozen times!). I've appreciated every bit of what you've done for me! You are GREAT parents and I don't think I could have had it any better.

Enjoy your love together.


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