Sneak Peak: Sweet Cousins

>> Sunday, November 29, 2009

We had another fun shoot today at Harmon's Tree Farm. That place is so wonderful that I'm afraid they might start charging me to use their property for photo shoots.

I admit, after shooting 4 little cousins under the age of 3 and then another family of 3, I had to take a power nap before dinner :) It was really fun but also exhausting.. starting to realize that I will have my work cut out for me one day if I have kids! But they are precious.. so it's worth it.

These are just a few photos I pulled out for editing tonight. I'll get to the rest tomorrow. We tried our best to get group and individual photos within a 1 hour time frame.. but I think it was successful (really helps when you work with cute kids!).

Time for a little hay ride!

Throwing hay was their favorite


Such a sweet Clemson family!

I do believe he looks like Shelley ;)

Thank heaven for little girls!

Merry (almost) Christmas!!


An everyday life kind of post

>> Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's funny how this blog went from a strictly personal and "just because" kind of blog to something that is more purposeful. I read LOTS of photographer's blogs (18 to be precise) and I noticed that a lot of them are surprisingly similar. I think it's mostly because you are a business foremost and you are conscious to present your work first (and then) a little input without going overboard.

Well, the heck with that :). I have never been a person that holds back, so I don't want to diminish my personality in my blog to appear neutral and approachable. Honestly, I keep it brief because blogging takes a lot of time and I'd rather just post pretty pictures and add a couple notes here and there. I think that works the majority of the time, but I still want to blog for the therapeutic benefit as well.

Anyway, life is interesting right now. Very interesting. It's also officially Turkey Day! So there's that. I can also hear my dog snoring very loudly. I'm sitting in my room (should be straightening up for a shower that's happening at our house on Friday) and for whatever reason I feel inspired to write.

As awesome as this photography business has been, I'm having some scary moments right now as well. Scary point number one is money. Money sucks.. I really don't want to let worrying about money consume my life, but it's very hard when you're used to being independent. The fact that I'm still living at home with my parents doesn't help.. though overall it hasn't been as difficult a transition as I thought it would be. Here's the kicker: I feel like my life is continuously on hold until I move out and find my own place. Richard Florida wrote an interesting article on the subject- He's also famous for making the proclamation a couple years ago that young adults are increasingly moving to new "creative" cities and are putting off marriage and babies to build stellar careers (and play!). The trend was likely due to the increasing employment opportunities from years ago and it's not surprising that young adults are now needing to return to a more conservative and cautious lifestyle with mom and pops.

I have to admit, I prefer the 'creative class' lifestyle and many days wish I were still living in DC and enjoying the daily changes and adventures. It's a little odd living in a place where everything mostly seems to stay the same. My closest friends are about to embark on a new life with their husbands and I'm very excited for everything they have in store. It's weird to think that they could have babies in the near future... and with that an entire new journey. But for me, however, my daily activities seem to be very similar. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to use my camera every weekend.. and I know I have grown a ton. I have found a community of photographers.. some near and far.. and that has been a wonderful treat! I think I would just rather have these blessings on a daily basis. It would be great to have roommates again. Maybe have a yoga class and a book club to attend whenever possible. I know all of this is most likely a part of my near future (hopefully very near future if one of these 2 employers in Greenville get back to me!). But for now I'm realizing the fate of any new business owner: uncertainty and sacrifice. I've had to alter my lifestyle to pay for lenses and hard drives that break on a whim. I can't really justify a trip to VA or DC on the weekends like I used to. I have to pay back student loans. But, I'm mostly breaking even... and hopefully I will even be profiting a bit as soon as a full time job emerges.

Regardless, I still have a more exciting life than most people are allowed. The grim truth is that I get bored easily and am not completely sure how to appreciate the simple things that make life great. Like my dog. And my parents and brother. I know I'll look back and be so glad that I had this time to reconnect with my family. I just need to suck it up for a little while and know that there are many wonderful days are ahead. Patience isn't my best quality (to say the least)... so these are things I need to work on and pray about.

Hopefully this is an appropriate Thanksgiving post. I really didn't mean to turn this into a "what I am most thankful for" kind of story, but it's funny how that mentality naturally surfaces when we are forced to be honest with ourselves.

I truly hope everyone is blessed through the Holidays and into the new year. I know there are a lot of people who are truly struggling through this recession and my heart goes out to them the most. If you think about it, and can afford it, support your local businesses. Plus, I think you'll find that you enjoy your purchases even more :)

Happy T-giving and GOO Tigers!!


Photos from the weekend

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Had a great time in Asheville and Clemson this weekend! Always great to catch up with good friends and get to watch a tiger victory (a very important one at that!). By next Friday I will be on the road to Tampa and spending some good quality time with my best gal friend. If we are lucky enough, Clemson will show up and pull out a win as well :)


Mid-week update

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So many exciting events right around the corner! Just to name a few: photography certificate ceremony (tonight- last class), Vista Lights with Christina, NASHVILLE with Christina!, Clemson vs. UVa, Tgiving, couples shower for Kelly and Adam, Clemson vs. USC, photo shoot with 5 babies and a couple parents, then hopefully I'll be Tampa bound!

I've started (and almost finished) the guest book for Kristin and Matt's wedding. I wanted to provide Kristin with a sneak peak of 2 of the pages but I don't think MyCanvas will let me do that. Sooo, Kris, here are 2 pics from the book in the order they are going in. I can't wait for you to see the pretty layouts :)

(The crazy yellow light is cropped out :)

I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to provide a sentimental gift for my best friend on her special day. Usually I struggle with gifts because I never feel like they are personal enough, but I am thrilled that this one will be very different. I've walked with Kristin from the very beginning of her relationship with Matt, and I have no doubt that he's the man she's always deserved. I'm so happy for you two!!

On a less sappy note, I am sooo excited to get to take a road trip and have a chance to shoot with another fun photographer friend. Christina kind of came out of nowhere (thanks, Sarah B ;) and we hit it off from the very beginning. I love her energy and excitement for life, and I think being friends with her is really going to push me to be a better photographer. I hate that we had to miss seeing Don Miller together, but I think there will be more fun events like that in the near future! Now I'm just hoping that there's still some foliage left as we are driving through the mountains. I just can't wait!

Also excited to see Jordan and possibly Sarah! Did I mention I love road trips?? :D

Hope everyone's week is going well. Mine has been a little hectic due to construction on the house and late night classes, but that should be ending soon. At least I haven't had to wear a coat so far this winter :)


A little event shooting

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Had a great time shooting in Charleston and got to turn around the next morning to shoot a jumping exhibition and polo match in Hilton Head! I had technical problems all weekend and my battery kindly chose not to charge the night before but thankfully I had just enough energy left to get through the match.

I've known Kaityln since she was just a little kid and it's been really fun to see her grow into a little lady (and a talented one at that!). She's showing in a national competition this weekend in Atlanta--which she won last year-- and I'm sure she's going to do fantastic! She'll most likely be going to Clemson next year (how could Clemson not accept her?) and will be eventually pursuing vet school. She's a smart, sweet girl and I'm so glad the Neumann's have been such good family friends to us over the years!

View the full jumping shoot here and polo match here

Sorry, Kaitlyn, for the shadows! She's quite a lovely girl. I just love the picture of Cal :)

And a couple from the polo match...

Beginning of the first chukker

Near side backhand shot


Sneak Preview: Kristin and Matt

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

How freakin' cool is it that I got to take my best friend's engagement pics this weekend? We walked around until our feet could simply not carry us any further.. and it was an absolute blast! Here are a few of my favorites... more to come!


Fall! And many pictures to come...

>> Thursday, November 5, 2009

First, I want to ask, how can I make this blog better? Should I be posting more photos? Less? Is it interesting the way it is? Perhaps if I am pushing myself to look for creativity outside of photo blogs and websites I might just spark something fresh that I could share on my blog... would that be fun? Liikkkeee...

My new friend, Christina, and I are heading to the museum tomorrow night to catch a new exhibit that I'm really excited about! Christina moved to Columbia in May as well and is a GREAT photographer.. check out her stuff:

Also, Janet just had a wonderful idea for our little photo forum (we have 6 awesome girls so far!) to do some traveling together and exchanging photo ideas/memories. Kind of like these chicks I couldn't be more thrilled about the idea! We're thinking maybe Boulder in the spring?? :)

Finally, my mom has been on my back for weeks to get some better pics of the yard now that the grass is cut. Fall has finally arrived at the Williams' compound...

More photos to come (I'm VERY excited about): Kristin and Matt's engagement session in Charleston and a polo match/ horse show in hilton head.. wooeeee!


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