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>> Monday, January 18, 2010

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Still thinking about precious Haiti. I mean, how can you not? I went to a church last night that I actually liked- It's a new church and has about 40 intelligent, engaged members who are from all parts of the U.S. Of course we talked about Haiti.. but the Pastor unraveled the current situation in a way that brought all of us back to earth. If you talk to enough people, you realize there are many connections to Haiti within our country. Just during one service we prayed for about 3 individuals living in Haiti who were dear friends or family of the members. Some were praises for their safety, others were prayers for the family members of those who have passed.

These are difficult incidents (obviously) and often are successful in stirring our daily routines to take some time to pray or contribute however possible. Unfortunately, Haiti had been in need of dire help before the quake and was a country that few people knew about. I know there are many developing countries that have large populations of starving people.. and it's easy to look at the mess and say it's too big and not worth our efforts. However, it is simply not true to believe that an individual person can not make a difference (read Three Cups of Tea). You might not have the means to live abroad and start a few schools, but simply becoming aware and educating the next generation is a great contribution in and of itself.

Riverside church is working on organizing a group to visit Haiti. It might take a year before the trip occurs, but it's definitely in the works. When the Pastor mentioned the mission I felt a very strong urge to join. I have no idea what I'll be doing in a year, but if I am still doing photography I will want to be there. Being unemployed and not having a direct vision for your future makes these trips seem so much more important. I want to be useful again.. and if nothing else I can use my camera to educate my friends and family on the daily life and recovery in Haiti.

For more specific information on events on the ground, visit Mark Stuart's (Audio Adrenaline lead singer) non-profit, Hands and Feet. The website is updated frequently and discusses how contributions are being accepted and applied (in case you need some optimistic news!).

Later, friends. Happy MLK day!


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