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>> Monday, January 4, 2010

Maybe, just maybe, big changes are ahead for me in the near future. I will blog about it as soon as that happens... if not, assume I'm still trucking away in Columbia as usual :)

It seems only necessary to recap a year.. even if it wasn't my most favorite year. I think it helps because you tend to realize that it was a lot better than you remembered. Psychologists say that it's much easier to remember good memories than bad ones.. and I think that's true. In all, I had a really hard year in terms of stress and uncertainty.. but I have a hard time recalling actual negative events (besides the major occurrences). Guess it's a good thing those memories fade so that we can move on.

Before I start, I want to mention one of my high points of 2010. Today, for the first time, I had a hummus sandwich. It's a little crazy that this is my first considering that I LOVE hummus and eat it as much as I can. I honestly think I've gone so long without said sandwich because I have this thing about needing some sort of protein (more than cheese) in all of my sandwiches.. otherwise I feel like I might as well have had a salad. If only I could pay half the price for a sandwich without meat I might be more inclined to buy them (I'm way too practical for my own good!).

Anyway, random divergence. I'm bulleting high and low points since that seems to be easiest to read. It kind of takes the fun out of the storytelling process.. so I'm sorry in that sense. I'll also include some of my favorite photos of the year :)

2009 Lows

  • Getting in my first major car accident (surviving with Sarah was a high!)
  • My uncle passing away right after Thanksgiving
  • Bouts of loneliness and uncertainty
  • Working on my paper endlessly.. even in Prague
  • Having to live in a city of 'cocks'... jk... kinda ;)
  • Biking to work in the snow in Blacksburg... really stupid idea
  • Watching friends move away.. or move into new phases of their lives
  • Realizing I'm almost 30... how scary is that?
2009 Highs

  • Getting to be a part of my best friend's engagement
  • Prague!
  • Making new dear friends while in Prague.. getting schooled on some new card games
  • The day I decided to go ahead with my photography business
  • Reconnecting with Janet and starting a photo forum with some great girls
  • ACC championship game with Kristin
  • Running with Rylynn
  • Engagement photos with Kris and Kelly
  • St. Louis and Nashville with Sarah
  • WF and UVA games at Clemson
  • Trading in the worst phone on the planet for a blackberry (Low: it doesn't work in my house)
  • Finishing my major paper and having my advisor tell me 'job well done'!
  • Skiing at Showshoe with some great Charlottesville folks
  • Long runs around the horse pastures in Blacksburg
  • My first 'real' (7") snow storm!
  • Biking around Charleston for photos
  • The day my website launched
  • Chatting with vendors at the Okra Strut
  • Discovering The Soup (Low: becoming addicted to too much trashy television! ;)
  • Reading What is the What
  • Meeting Christina for the first time at Cool Beans and visiting the Ansel Adams exhibition!
  • Getting to know Sarah better... following her on photo shoots
  • Falling in love with Meryl Streep
  • Help-Portrait!
  • How much joy photography has brought me in inspiration and love for humanity (it's true.. didn't mean to get sappy ;)
  • ...and how much photography has made me realize I really do LOVE kids
  • Summer thunderstorms
  • Road tripping to Savannah and Gainesville with Sarah.. buying my new favorite bag that I'm sad is falling apart
  • Getting to spend time with the world's coolest brother (Low: we went all summer without playing 1 game of tennis!)
  • Discovering the riverwalk
  • Random last minute trip to Ashville.. falling in love with a certain coffee shop
  • Listening to jazz at Speakeasy with friends (who knew Columbia has a fun bar?)
  • Fun nights out in Blacksburg in the freezing cold
  • Days on the lake with the fam and Rylynn
  • Babysitting Ouita and watching her grow from an tiny infant to almost talking!
  • Swinging with Ouita.. listening to her laugh
  • Living with my fam... even though it's definitely taken lots of adjustment. Still, can't beat my mom's cooking!
  • Bryan and Sarah's wedding... such a fun end to the year!

So.. it seems like the psychology studies are true! I honestly did spend a ton of time trying to think of specific low points.. but I wasn't able to get too far. Meanwhile, the high points came easily.

What are some of yours?

One of my favorite shots from home.. also one of my very first shots of the summer

This is my favorite shot at home :)

I love everything about this shot.. especially Kayden's tiny fingers holding on to her mom and dad.. it just melts your heart

It's really hard to choose a favorite photo from Kris and Matt's engagement session.. but this one has definitely grown on me over time.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2010 treats you well :)


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