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>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

What do you do on cold, rainy days? I'd like to say I'm really productive. Like, my goal for today was to cut 3 32x40 mat boards and straighten my room. Instead, I cut 1 mat board and ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill and watched 2 episodes (2 hours total) of What Not to Wear.

Maybe some good can come out of my lack of productivity since I've realized.. once and for all.. that I need to listen to Stacy and Clinton and pay more attention to my appearance. Sure, I have plenty of cute outfits.. but do I wear them on a daily basis? No. Even worse, I have like ZERO accessories! There's a reason for that.

This is all of the jewelry I own, minus 2 rings that I never wear. Very sad indeed.

I grew up believing you only buy things you absolutely need. My family owns a business and for most of my life I remember them passing over life's luxuries for the better deals. For example, I was 15 when my parents bought our first car with automatic windows. My mom and I were so giddy we jumped in the '93 blazer and drove it around the block to test it out (that was in 1997).

Because of several unfortunate events, my parents had to take on much more debt than they expected and lost all accumulated savings by the time I was born. Needless to say, it takes a while to get back to a "secure" point and we went without spending until I was at least a junior in high school.

Fortunately for my parents I was somewhat of a tomboy until about middle school so I really didn't bug them too much about clothes or jewelry. By the time I was 17 I was saving money to buy airline tickets to visit my friends around the country. I figured if I could spend money on anything it would be travel... and almost 10 years later not much has changed :)

As far as jewelry goes, I am clueless. I usually don't like the way necklaces look on me (I really only had one that I liked and it's long gone). Earrings are fun but I tend to lose them too. I don't even try to mess with bracelets!

My clothes are pretty simple. I very rarely wear patterned tops so I know jewelry would help to dress up my outfits. Scarves were a good alternative for this winter but I still only wore them out on occasion. I don't know if my problem is laziness or practicality.. or both.

Well, I guess it's finally time for a change. My friend, Kristin, was thrilled when I was set on buying my Steve Madden boots after trying them on in a department store in Charlotte. I still managed to buy the shoes for $20 less online, but in actuality I spent WAY too much on them and should have probably made that purchase when I had more money saved. I guess the trick is finding the balance.

I have nice enough work clothes so I generally get by fine, but now that I'm doing photography I realize my everyday appearance is more important. Most photographers are SO cute. Let's face it.. this is an art.. not just an industry. Tia Nicole Photography is a "brand". While I don't want to place too much emphasis on outward appearances, I know that I have a pretty strong personality and no one would ever know that based on the way I dress. It's just sort of boring. I could spend a tad more money (okay a lot more money) and it would make a huge difference.. but I still have to get past the idea that I could "survive" functionally with much cheaper clothing. Case in point.. I could survive eating fast food everyday instead of whole foods.. but I definitely know healthier food is well worth the investment.

So, blog followers and friends, please hold me accountable. Maybe even give me a tip or two. I'm going to try to use websites like etsy to look for cool (maybe used) clothing so that I don't have to completely sell out ;) Only problem with online shopping is that I have a very random body type and outfits never fit the way they should.

I'll end with a photo of my dinner tonight. I'm going to really miss my mom's cooking once I eventually move out. Yum!


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