What a b-e-a-utiful weekend!

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello.. this has to be the most gorgeous past couple days in quite a while! Just to recap my weekend (not to make you jealous ;):

Thursday: jog with Rylynn, dinner with friends and shagging at Jillian's (got much too sweaty wearing a thin long sleeve shirt.. tank top it is for this Thursday!)

Friday: 3 mile jog with Rylynn, chill out time outside and bluegrass show with friends

Saturday: breakfast with my brother and nana (blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon!) enjoyed on the patio, reading time outside/ frisbee time in the horseshoe with Taylor and Rylynn, babysitting 2 awesome little ladies and getting paid to play foosball/watch movies

Sunday: jog with Rylynn (a little too hot for her this time), reading time with my pup at the riverwalk and more frisbee time at the horseshoe, attempted tennis match with Caroline but major lighting fail.. exchanged for not so healthy food and beer at the Ale house

Number of times I heard "you have a beautiful dog", "she's just so well trained!" and "she must really love people": 5.. maybe more, lost count

I was hoping that my guest book and canvases would have arrived last week. I'm so anxious to see them! Will post some photos of the canvases. The guest book is a surprise for Kris and Matt so you'll have to wait until July to see it (and I'll have to somehow hide it in a very secure place ;) My prints are also on display now at Cool Beans. Will get some photos of those as well.

The rest of the post has to do with an article I found extremely interesting! I realize most of you aren't nearly as into economic development so I totally don't mind if you scroll to the bottom to see photos of our new house edition. Enjoy!


Who Broke America's Job Machine?

I've been saying all along that our country has gotten too far away from small business development and is failing to plan for future growth. If I've learned anything from grad school it's that economic development doesn't happen magically and it definitely doesn't happen without the help of collaboration and R&D investment. Case in point- the Silicon Valley and Research Triangle wouldn't exist without major governmental intervention. I also found it interesting that (according to this article) the Silicon Valley grew during a period of refurbished anti-trust laws which forced companies to compete and become more innovative.

Large companies are not to blame for all of our economic toils.. but leaving these giants to control prices and stall innovation is only going to hurt our national economy. The fact that we've had zero job growth between 1999 and now should be scary to anyone whether you are interested in economics or not.

This is a REALLY interesting article. It's long but worth the read. Here are some of the snippets I found most profound:

Other, more plausible explanations have been floated for why the rate of job creation seems to have fallen. One is that the federal government made too few investments in the 1980s and ’90s in things like basic R&D, so the pipeline of technological innovation on which new jobs depend began to run dry in the 2000s.

It is now widely accepted among scholars that small businesses are responsible for most of the net job creation in the United States. It is also widely agreed that small businesses tend to be more inventive, producing more patents per employee, for example, than do larger firms.... Goliaths increasingly lack any real incentive to create new jobs; after all, many can increase their earnings merely by using their power to charge customers more or pay suppliers less. At the other extreme, the people who run our small enterprises enjoy fewer opportunities than in the past to grow their businesses. The Goliaths of today are so big and so adept at protecting their turf that they leave few niches open to exploit.

As the falloff in IPOs over the last decade seems to confirm, one practical result of all this is that fewer and fewer entrepreneurs at start-up companies even attempt any longer to build their firms into ventures able to produce not merely new products but new jobs and new competition into established companies. Instead, increasingly their goal, once they have proven that a viable business can be built around a particular technology, is simply to sell out to one of the behemoths.


The painters went ahead and painted the kitchen

..and the living room. That's my angel oak :)

More photos to come!


Rylynn's first snow day! Feb 12th '10

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As much as I enjoyed the snow this winter (8.5 inches, greatest amount since 1973!) I am surely ready for Spring! Still, it was a blast watching Rylynn on her first snow day. I officially have a million photos of my dog. They're just so darn cute, ya know?

Glad we got at least an hour outside to take photos before I was busy preparing my mats for Cool Beans. It was absolutely beautiful... I've never experienced our little compound in quite the same way. Sure we've gotten snow (like an inch or 2) but to see almost 10 inches of snow on the ground and filling the woods is surreal. Especially at night when the snow was still falling and the sky reflected a weird rusty red color from our dim street lights.

Rylynn frequently dove into large piles of snow completely burying her head. I'm not sure what she was looking for but it was very amusing to watch. Once we made her come inside she would lay by the door and sulk until we let her back out again (also very unusual!). We're starting to think she was born in the wrong state.

About 6:00.. maybe an hour after the snow started falling

She's ready to pounce!

Cool angle of the house... looks quite massive (it's not)

Bluest sky I've ever seen.. didn't enhance this at all

She knows how to pose for me by now

so green

she loved running in the snow!

and she knows she's pretty

LOVE this photo!

great that we have vegetation in SC that doesn't die in the winter

Evidently 8 inches can melt really fast.. this was taken at about 9:30 in the morning


Maybe we'll see another storm like this again in 37 years. I'm glad I was here to experience it. To all of the kids out there.. you can thank me for the snowfall since I said I wouldn't be seeing as much as a flake this year ;)


Kelly and Adam are hitched!

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've been in 3.5 weddings now (was an honorary bridesmaid in one ;) and I don't remember ever being so tired as I was after Kelly's wedding! It might be because I was coming in from out of town for all of the other weddings so I didn't get to take part in all of the pre-wedding activities. Still, it was a blast and I am SO happy to see Kelly and Adam so in love. It was also amazing getting to spend a whole weekend with my favorite girls... I'm so sad they have returned home. Glad Kristin is getting married so we can do it again soon :)

Very fun decorations at the rehearsal party

I didn't have an electronic flash so I had to take all of these detail shots on a really high ISO. Still good practice I guess.

The happy couple

Always a great time when Sarah and Bethany get together!

Showing off Kristin's fun little hairdo.. kinda sad you can't see the bump ;)

My best friend and almost best friend in-law

Fun times had by all!

Sarah couldn't resist the groomsmen ;) I don't blame her.

yay for old college friends!

The next day...

getting pretty again.. thanks for doing my makeup, Beth!

Talk about some blue eyes!


I'd say Clemson represented quite well this weekend!

Princess Kelly

Chloe is a pro flower girl. I told her she needs to start charging.


The brown rose was a part of the floral arrangement in Adam's dad's funeral. Very sweet and personal wedding ceremony in honor of him.

Since Kelly was busy I got some photos of Kristin's ring. Isn't it gorgeous?

You can check out the rest of the wedding photos here. If you are in any of these photos feel free to save a copy for yourself.

Since this blog is kind of pictured out... I'll just let you click to the photos from mine and Keith's shoot. He did a great job!


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