Kelly and Adam are hitched!

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've been in 3.5 weddings now (was an honorary bridesmaid in one ;) and I don't remember ever being so tired as I was after Kelly's wedding! It might be because I was coming in from out of town for all of the other weddings so I didn't get to take part in all of the pre-wedding activities. Still, it was a blast and I am SO happy to see Kelly and Adam so in love. It was also amazing getting to spend a whole weekend with my favorite girls... I'm so sad they have returned home. Glad Kristin is getting married so we can do it again soon :)

Very fun decorations at the rehearsal party

I didn't have an electronic flash so I had to take all of these detail shots on a really high ISO. Still good practice I guess.

The happy couple

Always a great time when Sarah and Bethany get together!

Showing off Kristin's fun little hairdo.. kinda sad you can't see the bump ;)

My best friend and almost best friend in-law

Fun times had by all!

Sarah couldn't resist the groomsmen ;) I don't blame her.

yay for old college friends!

The next day...

getting pretty again.. thanks for doing my makeup, Beth!

Talk about some blue eyes!


I'd say Clemson represented quite well this weekend!

Princess Kelly

Chloe is a pro flower girl. I told her she needs to start charging.


The brown rose was a part of the floral arrangement in Adam's dad's funeral. Very sweet and personal wedding ceremony in honor of him.

Since Kelly was busy I got some photos of Kristin's ring. Isn't it gorgeous?

You can check out the rest of the wedding photos here. If you are in any of these photos feel free to save a copy for yourself.

Since this blog is kind of pictured out... I'll just let you click to the photos from mine and Keith's shoot. He did a great job!


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