Photo Vacation, Round 1: Gainesville, FL

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

Sometimes it's nice being unemployed. The only thing that is not so nice is the lack of extra "spending" money. Thankfully I make just enough working for my dad to pay for gas and a couple meals out.. so it worked out okay.

Kris and I didn't get to go out very much since I was there Monday-Thursday, but I had a blast going to zumba and the gym (seriously). I would love so much to join a gym but the uncertainty in my life won't allow it. Sigh.

During the day I explored Gainesville for photo opportunities. Unfortunately, the bike idea was more of a pain than a benefit. Even though Gainesville is a very bike-friendly city, I wasn't able to take my bike in either of the parks I visited. One park had a strict "no bikes allowed" sign. The other had a tight winding fence that makes it impossible to bring a bike. I would be lying if I said I promptly left without trying to lift my bike over the fence. Hehe.

The Ben Folds concert was the perfect ending to the trip. After properly celebrating St. Patty's Day at a bar called "Mothers", we headed over to see Ben with the flood of undergrads. The whole time I kept thinking that these students had the perfect life and they didn't even realize it. Probably. At least I didn't.

So many Ibises. I'm sorry, but Miami's mascot looks NOTHING like this! Ha.

Paynes Prairie. Heard there were buffalo reintroduced here recently but I didn't see any. Maybe next time.

Botanical Gardens by Lake Alice

Evidently a lot of UF alums get married in this church

When editing sometimes you get bored with green

Baby gator

Daddy gator

Spanish moss is pretty cool from beneath

You can check out the complete album here. Happy Monday!


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