Mary and Judson: Up on tha roof!

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, this past weekend I had the pleasure to help shoot a wedding on the Clemson House roof! I literally had no equipment (since I had no idea I would be doing such a thing), but fortunately happened to have a dress in my bag and a couple hours to swing. Joined by a couple of great friends, we headed off to Clemson House shortly after lunch on Sunday. Thinking we were getting there an hour early, we actually arrived about 30 minutes early (the appropriate time to show up at a wedding). Nevertheless, Sarah and I started shooting away and had managed to get all of the essential shots within an hour. Now that's my kind of a wedding!

Mary and Judson are a very interesting couple (whom evidently most of my friends from Clemson somehow know of). Turns out, after dating a couple years they decided the right thing to do at this point was to get married... and they did. About 2 weeks after making their decision.

As a person who has been in several weddings now, I'm simply amazed that these couples are able to put together such huge events (in general) and do so in the span of a couple months. Needless to say, this wedding was most impressive given the amount of time allowed. They definitely must have connections.. to say the least!

Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Barkers in attendance. As President Barker stepped out of the the elevator, without thinking I said, "Well, hi, President Barker! I graduated in 2005". In which he very politely replied "Oh, well it's very nice to see you again". Haha.

I hope you enjoy the photos! I will be heading down to Florida next week to visit Kristin and will swing up to check out my friend's farm in Georgia on the way back. Got the bike tuned up and am ready for a "photo vacation" more than ever. I'll get to break in my zoom lens and maybe even catch me sum gaters! Oh, and we're going to see Ben Folds on St. Patricks Day. One of my favorite musicians on one of my favorite days! I know you're jealous now!

Good 'ole Tillman! I've never actually been on the Clemson House roof. It was wonderful stepping out on the patio in the sunshine and witnessing an almost 360* view of the distant hills. Clemson is gorgeous!

Great company.. good times

This was pretty much all of the photos we got of the bride and groom alone. They were very ready to celebrate their new lives together and weren't stressed about things like photos :P

I honestly love it. Love the sincerity and the focus on what's most important. Best wishes to Mary and Judson!


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