Nature's Harmony part 2

>> Friday, April 2, 2010

I know you all have just been DYING to see the rest of the farm photos, right? :P Well I have certainly made you wait long enough, regardless. It's been a busy and interesting week to say the least. Maybe I'll blog about it.. maybe I won't. We shall see.

Without further adieu (what does that mean anyway??), more cute animals. Hope you enjoy.

These are Ossabaws. They are immigrant pigs that became semi-wild after breeding with local pigs in Georgia. Evidently chefs in NY pay top-dollar for their meat. Random fact for the day.
This is how you feed pigs
Heading down to feed the females and piglets
Just a couple weeks old
Evidently this sow is due any day.. I should have come one weekend later :)
oh, pigs.
Dairy cows are absolutely beautiful. Absolutely.
Feeding the geese
This means he is threatening me. Well, I grew up with geese too and I'm not skeered. Bring it.
These are naked neck Rouge chickens
Which are smart enough to know how to fly into the feed barrel
chickies in the incubator
This makes me miss the days of incubating ducklings. Except I have a feeling this farm is a lot better at raising them successfully than I was when I was 10.
hi cutie
My mom wanted to take home a lamb one day after a visit to the state fair. We were very close to raising a sheep in the backyard. Would have been interesting.
Gumdrop and Dante were my favorites. Dante liked chewing on my shorts and chacos while out in the field.. we were tight.
'ello Govna

Gobble gobble. This is a Holland White turkey.
Free range chickens have the life. Mixed in there are Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorp, Barred Rocks and White Rocks
Am I the only person who thinks chickens are beautiful? :P

There were also peacocks on the farm but I wasn't able to find them once I came back around to take photos. Still kind of kicking myself for that but I think I have enough animal photos to last a year or 2. What a wonderful time!

Special thanks to Kerry for being such a great host and an interesting teacher. Kerry, you're going to make a great farmer!


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